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  1. Yep, I've had it for a couple years.
  2. The "shepherd's crook" you guys are referring to must be that braided wire gizmo... shows what I know.
  3. I'm really confused about this statement. The unconverted S12 has a shepherd's crook in it. Also, it's a 2 dollar part. The stock S!2 doesnt have a bulgarian style crook.No need to modify or buy modified retaining plate & BHO when using one. And youre right. it's a $2 part. Well then, sounds like I'm the one who's confused (that won't be a first). Flat, black metal piece about 2.5" long, hole in one end, notch in the other forming a hook? I was having trigger issues (this was a couple years ago) and took it to this guy; he couldn't fix it but he tried and didn't charge me anythi
  4. I don't have squat in the way of either but I do have a good friend with a machine shop so any any cutting and welding isn't a problem; one thing he doesn't have though is any sandblasting or glassbeading equipment so I suppose I'll have to pay someone if I want to prep the parts properly before duracoating/durabaking...
  5. quoted for truth. you aren't going to get anything better for the price Thanks for the heads-up. They appear to have quite a selection. Unfortunately, I don't have enough practical experience to know what to look for in a stock. Any recommendation on what might offer the best value (reliability for the money) in something suitable for a guy with long arms and shoulders that are probably slightly broader than average (approx 75" fingertip to fingertip)?
  6. I heard good things about shepherd's crooks from an experienced AK guy at a shop. He didn't have any S12 experience but speculated that they might benefit from one so I bought one from him for ten bucks. I didn't figure it'd be any use with an unconverted S12 though, so it's still sitting in a drawer...
  7. Hey, all! Been lurking for a couple years and figured it's time to "take the plunge." I've read all the conversion guides as well as various projects that people have documented... but all the info I can find seems to be a couple years old now. I was wondering if anything's changed in the last year or two. Also, for those of you who've already converted, what would you do differently if you were doing it again?
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