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  1. The other day a man in my state was arrested, fined $4000 and might be getting his license taken off him for having a recoil reduction stock on his rem 7600.
  2. Australia That stock in no way makes a firearm capable of fully automatic fire. Every round fired is activated by a trigger press from your finger. Read the approval letters on the left side of the site. Laws in Australia are very different, they would come around and try and arrest me for ordering it. Because some genius would say "It's a telescopic stock, arrest him!" or something along those lines.
  3. Thanks for info but just found out according to my country's laws "Any part that makes a firearm capable of fully automatic fire (is prohibited)", and I highly doubt I will be able to get one into the country even though Im fully licensed to own one and its completely legal because of the prohibited weapons act of 1996 "Any weapon that has a military appearance (is prohibited)". Australia
  4. Will it fit on a vepr 12? http://fostechoutdoors.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1 Many thanks from your comrade in Aus
  5. I just read in another topic that you can have a special order from the factory without a picatinny rail. If this is true will they send single units out of the factory.
  6. Hey guys Im looking into geting one and just wondering a few things about it. 1. Is the magwell removable? 2. Is the picitiny rail removable ( if so will it leave some holes in the dust cover)? 3. Do they accept PSO type scope mounts? Many thanks Connor
  7. Ok here's a dumb question, will it fit on a saiga-12?
  8. Im looking at scopes for my saiga and found this I checked it out and its apparently not a POSP 4x24. http://www.guncity.c...xidp113634.html Any idea what it is, I know it fits into the PSO serise of scope. Many thanks connor
  9. You need a catagory C lisences, which requires you to be a primary produce (farmer). But we are only allowed 5 round limit in shotguns and a 10 round limit in bolt actions, theres no semi auto centrefires allowed unless you can prove to the commisioner that you either work for the goverment, have a large property (only allowed it for a year then they take your guns), its your job (roo shooter/pest control) or your a firearms dealer (but you cant shoot them).
  10. G'day I hail from the far south lands of Australia, where the gun laws are rediculous and such. But despite all this I am lisenesed to obtain a saiga 12 shotgun and am interseted in purchasing one. But there's a problem........ no one sells them here. So the other day I email Izhmash customer enquireys about shipping cost and firearm prices for a saiga-12S (not several saiga-12's but a saiga-12 model S) and after a week they sent back emial describing what the gun looked like and saying they need to know the volume of the order. So then it hit me, they probably only send them by the hunder
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