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  1. 30 receivers from the first production run were reserved for the waiting list, the rest of the first run is being built into complete guns we've had on order.


    That explains it. I'm #23 on the waiting list and Nanci advised mine is shipping Monday (tomorrow).


    If only 16 of the first 30 TAC-12 lowers went to the waiting list, that meant some folks on the list did not order one. I could not believe that anyone on the waiting list changed their mind.


    I've already got the tools laid out for the conversion between lowers. Just waiting on Mr. Fed-Ex.



  2. threads like this make me feel like a very lucky guy that my unconverted, bone stock Saiga 12 runs like a champ no matter what I feed it. That's the main reason I have yet to convert or mess withy anything other than cosmetics. I would be completely bummed if it started having issues after conversion....


    If that were to be the case, there is a wealth of info and helpful members on here to get it back into to tip top running condition. Have no fear, convert that thing.


    But it is tough to change if you are like me. The "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" might be in your genetic makeup. How about buying another Saiga 12 in hopes its a piece of crap? Then you can "fix" to your heart's content. 011.gif



  3. External chokes like saigas have? Maybe see if they are threaded alike


    External chokes like saigas have? Maybe see if they are threaded alike


    yes like saigas but the saiga one is a different thread so does not work


    Sounds like the European version of the shotgun (per rumors, I've never seen a picture of one).


    Have you contacted RAAC or checked the internet for any European parts suppliers? If chokes are not available, maybe (just maybe) RAAC will exchange barrels.


    Also, where did you get this? Just curious.



  4. I see what you mean. When coupled, will the foreign parts of the second magazine count against the max 10 parts allowed (body + floor plate + follower)?


    I would think the answer is "no" but since we are dealing with the BATF and an already stupid law, I really don't know.



  5. So if I want to be able to add a collapsable stock, like is on an AR, how can I do that? And what parts do I need?




    There are several companies that can supply parts and some that will do the work for you.


    Take the time to read through this thread and you will soon have a better idea of who supplies what as well as the variations out there.



  6. I guess its a matter of timing. AR's are selling at a premium right now.


    Colt M4's are selling down here for over 2 grand in a matter of minutes. Saw a used one at a gun shop yesterday with a $2800 price tag on it.


    Several Saiga 12's are offered in the $1200 range and are still on the shelf. I've never even held a Saiga shotgun and do not know if that is a good or a bad price.


    But I do love those Colts.




    If those guns are STILL at those prices this week anyone buying them is high off their azz. The stores up here have been flooded with AR's and other "assault" rifles for two weeks and prices are dropping like 1oz sinker.


    Houston is a wonderful area for competition shooting but when it comes to getting guns and ammo, it sucks big time. I don't know if those guns were selling at those prices, but several prospective buyers were sure drooling over them.


    Its border line "mean" for folks to tell us about ammo and guns readily available when we are starving.


    I've not seen a box of .22 LR ammo on the shelves in months but hear that Oklahoma City stores have shelves loaded with them. I am headed there to visit family at the end of April and plan on hitting every Walmart, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop and Mom and Pop gun store I can find just to replenish my stock.



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  7. There are variances in the diameter of the factory safety detent set screw. If yours is the correct spec it will fit just fine, but some of them have a larger diameter than they're supposed to. All TAC-12s have started shipping with a US made ball detent.

    Also, the factory bolt lock roll pin is garbage to say the least. The TAC-12 lower is designed to use a standard AR bolt lock roll pin, however, you'll need to re-drill the hole in your MKA bolt lock to .100-.104.

    Lastly, the poorly-filed clearance in the factory MKA uppers for the bolt lock is hand-filed to fit for each factory lower. They're all different since tolerances on the factory lower vary so much. With the TAC-12s all being the same dimensions, in some cases this filing in the upper is insufficient for the bolt lock to function properly, so you'll have to work on that clearance.


    Is there a possibility that the bolt lock has been filed at the factory too far to be usable? Are replacement bolt locks available through Firebird Precision?


    Is the ball detent screw also shipping with the new receiver or should I add one of those to the parts order?


    The same for the AR bolt lock roll pin? Can you supply those? Any lower parts for an AR are next to impossible to find.





  8. I guess its a matter of timing. AR's are selling at a premium right now.


    Colt M4's are selling down here for over 2 grand in a matter of minutes. Saw a used one at a gun shop yesterday with a $2800 price tag on it.


    Several Saiga 12's are offered in the $1200 range and are still on the shelf. I've never even held a Saiga shotgun and do not know if that is a good or a bad price.


    But I do love those Colts.



  9. 1) No, you don't need a stock adapter. The TAC-12 receiver accepts commercial spec buffer tubes.


    3) Fire/Safe was not engraved on the receiver, that will probably change shortly.


    I thought the threads were the same with commercial and mil-spec tubes.


    Any changes to the receiver will make my "early production" lower an instant collector's item.



  10. I'd run a modified if the stage called for all three types of shells.


    I screwed a a stage over this weekend because of the wrong choke. I decided to go with improved to try to speed up my shots but when it came to the spinner target there just wasn't enough energy to get it to go 360 degrees. So I wasted a lot of time & got the failure to neutralize.


    Most of my 3 gun shooting (very limited to date) has been in short bays so Cylinder works fine. For those spinners, I carry a box of #6 shot (1300 fps). Remington managed recoil slugs seem to shoot the same in any of the chokes I have (CYL, LM & Full).



  11. Thanks guys


    We sold and did custom herbicide , pesticide & fertilizer application (row crop) covering about 50,000 acres per year(we were a SMALL ag service co)


    That's a pretty big change in careers. After 25 years you probably had a good comfort level in what your were doing. You folks are to be highly commended for taking such a huge step and I wish you the best.



  12. It goes straight into the ramp and stops.




    Do you by chance have our ARR ramp?

    No sir. My MKA 1919 is one of the Firebird 922 compliant guns sold through Centerfire.


    When that first round hits the feed ramp it is perfectly parallel to the axis of the barrel. Since I only have one side of the Saiga magazine taped, I pulled the magazine apart and put the 5 round spring and baseplate back on. It feeds all five rounds perfectly.


    I need to adjust the feed lips to where that first round slides upward just a little bit with the 15 rd parts in place.





    Is ur 15th round seating all the way back in the mag when loaded? I noticed when loading the las round, not every time it would seat to the back of the mag.




    I do not know if it sets all the way back all the time, but here at the house, using dummy rounds, the first round is all the way to the back and it still goes straight into the feed ramp.


    I just need to do a little tweaking and it will run. Patience is a virtue.



  13. My two F15 mags ran great on Walmart bunk. Very happy with the kit. Now I have to work on the Salem 6 ext.


    Still trying to get mine figured out. I've got all the parts for four 15 rd magazines but plan on doing them one at a time. As soon as I get one running 100%, then I go to the next. I'm still on the first.


    I tried the new magazine with several brands of ammo and it consistently will not feed the 1st round. It goes straight into the ramp and stops. Download from 15 rds to 14 rds and it runs great with everything I put in it. When it was still a stock 5 rd magazine, it ran great.


    I'm sure it is something simple and I will figure it out. My next step will be to watch Jim's YouTube video again (the one on magazine tuning) and see if there is something I missed.


    A friend at the range suggested I get a spring from a 20 rd Saiga magazine and see if that helps. Just one more option to try.



  14. I received my XN from Centerfire and took it out for the first time on Monday (Straight out of the box) with a bunch of different brands just to try it out.


    Broke it in with:

    10 x Winchester Rifled Slug 2 3/4" (1600 FPS)

    10 x Remington Slugger 2 3/4" (1560 FPS)

    25 x Rio 00 Buck 2 3/4" (1345 FPS)

    5 x Winchester PDX12 Slug over 00 Buck (1150 FPS)


    Then I ran a box of 25 each:

    Winchester AA Super Sport Clays 2 3/4" 7.5 shot (1350 FPS)

    Winchester Super Target 2 3/4" 7.5 shot (1200 FPS)


    I only had one failure in the day, one of the Remington Sluggers loaded at an odd angle and got hung up. Other than that, no problems, it was fast, fun, and the recoil was not bad at all.


    Your break-in schedule was similar to mine. Add to that I sprayed in and around the bolt with Rem Oil after every 10 rounds. By the time I was down to 1200 fps loads, she was running 100%. This was with the factory spring and no gas booster bushing. Unlike some others, I never did get aluminum shavings from the upper receiver.


    I've since added the reduced power recoil spring and gas booster bushing. Still runs 100% with everything 1200 fps and faster. Runs about 60% on loads at 1145 fps.


    Now that its warming up, I need to re-check some of those loads, especially the Walmart bulk Federals. The hull seems kind of soft and as it gets warmer, the softer they feel. I plan on sticking to Remington Gun Club 1200 fps loads as long as I can get them.



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