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  1. Lanbo Armory also shows some of these magazines in stock. https://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=28383
  2. The little spring loaded lever is there to hold the bolt open on the last shot. I've heard that it may cause the bolt to hold open even when you have rounds left in the magazine. I use my MKA 1919 for competition and have removed it on all my magazines. Just one less thing to go wrong. Tuned factory magazines work well with my gun. I looked into the ProMag magazines not for the lower price but at the time factory magazinces were unavailable. Backordered some at several vendor sites but never had one delivered.
  3. Have they even hit the market yet? A whlie back Centerfire listed them in their catalog but they never had them in stock.
  4. Now that sounds like fun, I'll never make it to Ironman but wish someone locally would put on a similar match.
  5. Rifled chokes are probably good for deer hunters but not so practical for 3 gun. Unless you come across an all slug stage, you need to vary the choke to the stage. However, some folks shoot LM for everything. Testing found it to be the best choke for slugs in my gun. In my MKA1919 I found that with Carlson LM chokes, Remington Managed Recoil Slugs get me the best accuracy out to about 80 yards. Past that and its a crap shoot.
  6. A little easy reading for the throne. http://www.gunsumerreports.com/review_922r_compliance.php
  7. The following YouTube video might give you some ideas.
  8. Mall ninja yes. But don't you just know someone who shoots mag fed shotguns in competition has already checked out the Cerakote website to see how close they can match the color. My match guns are just like Henry Ford's Model T. Available in any color you want as long as its black.
  9. The local Walmart website shows Winchester AA's for $7.87 per box but when I go into the store, the price is $8.97 per box. Almost enough to justify an ammo run to Missouri. Occasionally Brownells will run a sale on Winchester AA's for around $7.00 0r $8.00 a box. Time that with their free shipping and Winchester's $2 rebate, not a bad price.
  10. 1195 € ~ 1500 $ OOPS. You are right, I miss quoted the price from the ad.
  11. Good luck with the Federals. They did not run well in my gun.
  12. Per the ad, its a MKA Match for 1950 euros ($2177 US). Using domestic parts, several companies can pretty much duplicate the gun and have better a trigger, hammer and disconnector (needed for 922r compliance) for less money. The 45 cm barrel (17.71") might be an error (my MKA 1919 bbl is 19.1"). It would be tough for me to justify the $200 stamp tax to knock a little over an inch from the barrel. Now take it down to under 14" and we have something interesting.
  13. I have not been able to shoot my MKA for a little while due to an injury, but before it got locked in the gun safe, it was running quite well. Mine is a pre-XN gun with billet lower and various other parts to make it 922 compliant. To get mine to where it runs so well, first I had to break it in. It was probably over 500 to 800 rounds before it smoothed out. During the break in I kept it clean and well lubricated. Second I spent the time necessary to tune the magazine for top reliability. I have no problems functioning with factory 5 and 10 rd magazines. I also have good luck with 5 round magazines fitted with Firebird Precision extensions (makes them 15 rd mags). I purchased a Tooth and Nail 24 rd magazine and it was delivered less than a week after I hurt myself so it has not been shot. Based on several folks that I occasionally shoot with, the 24 rounder should work well. The last time my gun had a problem it was quickly resolved by wiping down the operating rod and gas piston with an oily rag. Lesson learned. Along with keeping the gun clean, I also run it with the bolt a little bit wet. The inside of the gas piston, operating rod and bolt carrier is lightly lubed. Mobil 1 is preferred. The trigger assembly is slicked up with a little locksmith graphite. Probably one of the best things I've done to make it run so well was sticking with quality ammo. For practice I use Remington Gun Club ammo. For matches I use Remington STS or Winchester AA. My gun is now broken in to where it runs well with 1145 fps loads but for "important" matches I tend to run 1200 fps loads for that little extra bit of insurance. One thing I have learned (the hard way) is during a match stage, always reload to a closed bolt. In the heat of a match I found that with the bolt back, I can ram the magazine too far into the gun. I also found that it much easier to get the magazine stuck than it is to free it.
  14. Tooth and Nail Armory will be your best bet.
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