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  1. T & N http://www.toothandnailarmory.com/product/MKA_Magazines.html GOOGLE GunBroker , I had my best luck just refining my searches thru GOOGLE.
  2. Thanks T&N that's what I needed Anyone with a extra 'Match' Barrel 13.5" or longer with or without choke threads PM me.
  3. Can't find an informed answer ........ pre-XN barrel will it fit a match? and run reliably? Thanks in advance!
  4. Curious, I just got off the phone with Eaa Cocoa FL customer service (the regarding 1919). I've got to say after 45+ years dealing with firearms people, I was more than a little shocked. Then I did a little internet searching, seems I'm not the only one.
  5. Alrighty, mooving right along. Got my care package from t & n last week, cut off the stock and grip replaced with new. Replaced trigger and gas thingey + a few other odds and ends. Today I sent in my SBS (13.5") "Trust" paperwork to the NFA, a few changes nothing big just a more hoops. Mid March 2017 ... Maybe.
  6. Totally IMPRESSED , used 6 different types of ammo five and ten round magazines shot about 100 rounds. Not one single FTF/FTL/FTE/FTF this gun is awesome !! And the price was right. Only thing I did was prior to my range trip, I stripped her down, cleaned the quart of machine oil out, dried and applied a nice thin coat of quality gun oil. Truthfully, just clean and go ....no problems.
  7. Tomorrow IS range day several assorted boxes buck & slugs + 2 boxes of Walmart White Box. About 100 rounds total..
  8. Here she is all cleand up and ready for the range on Monday
  9. Simple, although I have many firearms my hands down favorite is my Delta Elite. It was built by the first head gunsmith at STI a true X gun.
  10. Thank You Mr. unforgiven ( the absolute best movie of all time ) Ok, I'm getting some good help now I've got a few parts on the way from Matt (what a great guy !!), now I'll do the stock mod, shoot it and wait for the form 1. I'll start a new thread if February 2017 or there 'bouts.
  11. Thanks for the reply Flatland , I've looked at at all the Youtube vids done all the Google word combinations i.e. Mak 1919, mak-1919 sbs .....on and on. It's funny when I did my PS90 SBR over on the FN discussion group I got ton's of input Here is like some big secret. Like toothandnail sez in one of his posts "it's dead here" ......
  12. I plan on shooting the shittt out of it while my form 1 is being covered with dust by the gruberment. From what I understand it will take 5/6 + or - months. I've sbr'd a PS90 and a 6.8spc AR and got real good results. There isn't much shared information on the MKA SBS process? I do seem to understand that a 14" length isn't that big of a deal, perhaps I'm being naive. If any one has had good results...chime in. BTW I don't want to steal your ideas or attempt to make any money, I wan't to make one gun for myself.
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