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  1. I didn't want to interrupt another thread but was curious about the following comment posted.


    "The best thing I have done to mine is to polish the everliving crap out of the bolt and carrier. That dramatically improved reliability for me and got rid of the "crunchy" feeling mine had when cycling the action."


    I've not done this to my pre-XN gun and don't remember this mentioned before on any forum, but wondered if others have polished their bolt and carrier.



  2. I believe a gunsmith named Krebs tried to shorten a couple MKA 1919 shotguns.  



    Came across some YouTube video on this a while back.  



    Also heard that they may not be super reliable.  But I may have heard wrong.


    Give it a try and let us know how it worked out.

  3. I know this is an old thread but it does seem to be the appropriate place.


    This evening the Outdoor channel had a show that highlighted the USPSA 2014 Multigun Nationals.  It featured several top shooters over several stages.


    One thing that caught my eye was Taran Butler running a Saiga 12 in Open.  I checked his business website and do not see that he works on them.


    It might have been a one time thing for Taran, but its good to see the big boys running mag fed shotguns.

  4. So do any of the parts also fit XN and pre-XN guns or is it something all new?


    In the one pictured, have you replaced the internals with USA made parts?   Drop in or a lot of fitting required?



  5. OK, my pre-XN shotgun runs great.  I ,have no desire or current need to change platforms but I am concerned about spare parts in the future.


    In addition to the cost of the gun itself, the two high dollar parts on my gun is the side charging handguard and the aluminum lower receiver.


    Assuming the current XN guns and their parts will still be available in the future, will I be able to use my current lower in an XN gun?


    And can my handguard be modified to work in an XN gun?

  6. Looked over the ad and I have several observations.  


    First, its labeled as an "MKA 1919" and not the "XN" model.  Could this mean some of the parts are compatible with the old pre-XN models?  


    Second, it does not indicate where it was made or if it is 922r compliant.  If they want to market it as a competition gun, you better be able to shoot it with large capacity magazines.


    Nice to see it held together for 6000 hot shotshell rounds but to be taken seriously, it will need someone to supply parts.




    Reviewed the animation of how to remove the bolt on the "Match" model and see labels that indicate the gun is made by Husan and Eksen in Konya, Turkey.

  7. Firebird Precision has several YouTube videos on how to convert a 5 rd magazine to 15 rd magazine with their adapter and a Saiga 12 magazine.


    On one of the videos is a nice section on tuning the feed lips of MKA magazines.


    Give it a look see.



  8. what is the best ammo to run through this rifle?




    Also pass on Federal shells.  All that I tried had too soft a case.


    For practice I use Remington Gun Club and matches Remington STS.   Now that my shotgun is well broken in, it handles the 1145 fps loads with no problems.

  9. Remington Gun Club and Remington STS 1-1/8 oz 1200 fps should work once your gun is broken in.


    And once its really broken in, you should not have problems with the 1145 fps stuff.



    2.25 seems like there's some room for improvement. smile.png



    What can I say?  I'm one of those don't try to chew gum and walk kind of guys.


    That probably came out more arrogant than I intended. My point was that you should be able to get your reload times down quite a bit, reducing the need (and risk) to come up with an alternate solution.



    Not arrogant at all.  I agree and that's why I've been practicing with my shotgun a lot.


    Pistol reloads are great but reloads with both AR and MKA magazines just feel clumsy no matter how much I practice.

  11. Or take it out and shoot it.   


    I have several shotguns and I'll put more rounds through the MKA 1919 in a year than I did the all the other shotguns combined in the past 10 years.


    They are fun to shoot.

  12. Currently XN models are available new as low as $399.99.  You might get a slight premium from someone that wants a pre-XN gun as a backup or parts gun.  


    I did just that.  I wanted a spare for my competition modified MKA 1919 and paid $450 for one.  But at that time the price on XN guns was higher (around $599).


    Without listing the extra parts you have, no clue on what they might be worth.  Some after market parts will fit both the pre-XN and XN guns, but most will not.




    On the magazine reloads, I'm still trying to find what really works for me.  I've tried on the belt with shells up and with shells down.  I've even experimented with a magazine hung from my belt on my strong side.  I need to get used to coupled magazines before the 3GN SW Regional in March. (A long shotgun stage is expected.)



    2.25 seems like there's some room for improvement. smile.png



    What can I say?  I'm one of those don't try to chew gum and walk kind of guys.

    I used to run a rem 1100 and I would use a safariland 2 shell holder on my belt for the oh shit load this may work for you if you wear it on the left side


    That was one consideration but if I'm going all the way down to my belt, I'ii probably do just as well going for a magazine.


    Thanks for the suggestion.

  14. This is me in 2013. The blast is big enough to hit you in the chest anywhere on the stage.




    I guess I need to save up for one of those flame throwers.  SASS is getting real popular in our area.  I need to go by one of their matches someday.

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  15. You have more talent than me. 


    My reloads with the 10 rd magazine are consistent at 2.25 seconds.  My one shell reloads save me close to 3/4 of a second. (I did have one under a second but I don't think that will ever happen in a match.) The fumbles with the one shot reload are a result of dropping or movement of the shell on recoil.  That's something that mounting the round to the gun would eliminate.


    On the magazine reloads, I'm still trying to find what really works for me.  I've tried on the belt with shells up and with shells down.  I've even experimented with a magazine hung from my belt on my strong side.  I need to get used to coupled magazines before the 3GN SW Regional in March. (A long shotgun stage is expected.)


    Not many around here shoot open with box fed shotguns so not a lot of better shooters for me to watch.  Likewise with YouTube, there are a few videos where I can see what others are doing.


     Agreed. Winning isn't everything BTDT. It's nice sometimes though. Now I go just for the fun and camraderie. Sometimes I win a stage or two. My main goal is to hit every target 1st time, every time, and have fun doing it. 


    Our main RSO has started our matches by saying "If you've come here to have fun...WELCOME! If you've come here just to get a piece of paper that says "I win"...step up and we'll give you one and save you some time.  People forget about the fun they can have. That's the point.




    We are in full agreement.  (But not sure what BTDT means)

  16. Seems like a reload from a coupled mag, or even from your belt, to a closed bolt would be faster and less fumble prone.

    Then simply burn the bird shot after the reload.


    At least thats how I would do it if I wasnt allowed to mix shot and slugs in my mags.



    I spent a couple of days at the range this week and had time to play with this a bit. (Its nice to be retired.)


    Some of the things I've found (and it may possibly be just me) is that I can reload a smaller magazine from the belt faster than a larger magazine. I was using 10 rd, 15 rd and 18 rd magazines for comparison.


    I also found that loading a single round and dropping the bolt was much faster than reloading with a 10 rd magazine.  In this test I held a single shell in my left hand with the primer end of the shell towards the muzzle.  When the last shot from the magazine held the bolt open, I brought my left hand back from the handguard and reached over the top of the gun and popped the single round into the gun and hit the bolt release with my left thumb.


    Rather than hold the single round in my hand, I'm trying to find a way for it to be mounted on the gun and easily accessible.  Here is where the MatchSaverZ may or may not come in handy.   And unlike the tube guns with the MatchSaverZ mounted ahead of the ejection port on the right side of the gun, I'm looking at mounting one on the handguard either on the left side or below the gun.


    At the current time, only my 5 rd and 10 rd magazines are still set up to hold the bolt open on the last round.  My 15 rd and 18 rd magazines are what I use most of the time in matches and I have this disabled because of past problems inserting the magazine too far into the gun with the bolt locked back.


    Its still a work in progress.  And as long as it seems promising, I will continue to work on it.  I was just curious if anyone had already discovered and fine tuned the technique.


    Odd that the majority of top shooters have those 'gimmicks' on their SG.

    ...anything to win. Even marginally legal modifications, like removing the slide lock on pump shotguns. I've seen it. Unsafe as hell, but boy, was he fast!  Winning is ALL to some. Spend THOUSANDS to win a piece of paper that says "I won!".



    ...anything to win.   And what's wrong with that?  You compete to lose?


    Even marginally legal modifications.....   Depending on the rules (or for some matches, lack of rules) its either legal or not.    If you don't like it, either avoid it or get involved.  Make a difference to the sport.


    Unsafe as hell....    The rules do cover that.  If its unsafe, it not welcomed.  You say you've seen it.  And what did you do about it?  Did you point it out to a range officer or match official?  I've taken the time and effort to get CRO (USPSA) certified. I work matches and I try to have a good handle on the rules.  On my stages, unsafe is not tolerated.  If a competitor takes me aside and says someone's equipment is unsafe, I look into it.


    Spend THOUSANDS to win a piece of paper that says "I won!"....     I wish.  If  2015 is anything like 2014, I will spend thousands of dollars for equipment, ammo, match fees and everything else it takes to compete.  The bad news (at least for me) is I'll be 63 on my next birthday.  I will not win the match,  But I will have the satisfaction that I made the effort to do my best.


    Nuff said.

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  18. After I saw your post this morning I pulled my spare (100% factory) MKA 1919 out of the gun safe and tried the technique and you are right.  On that gun its hard to get the bolt to release with a magazine installed.


    On my match gun, I'm able to get it to drop with not much effort at all.  More effort than dropping the bolt on an AR, but not enough to make it seem like I'm pushing it all that hard.


    The magazines that I'm using in this experiment are factory 10 rd. 


    The match gun has a aluminum lower and is very well broke in (over 3,000 rds).  When I installed the new lower I had to dress inside the upper with a small file to get the bolt release to work.  I don't see how that would affect it, but maybe?


    Both guns are pre-XN.  



  19. Just trying to think out of the box,  


    A local club does not allow us to load slugs and birdshot in the same magazine.  The same rule applies to folks with tube guns.


    Sometimes the last target on a stage requires a slug. My thought is burn the last round or so of birdshot and on LRBHO pop in a slug for that last target.


    My MKA 1919 uses a C-More that is mounted further forward than most and in playing around I've found I can drop in a round with my left hand over the top of the gun and hit the bolt stop with my left thumb  Now I'm looking for a way to get the slug into my left hand a little faster.


    I do have a titanium firing pin and so far have not had problems with slam fire.


    If its a bad idea, that's OK.  Like I said, I'm just trying to think out of the box.



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