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  1. I wonder when they will start the ban on all imports of ammo and firearms. I can think of lots of other rifle platforms that shoot AP ammo that have been converted to pistols. If Obama gets away with Banning Russian guns, I am quite sure he will take as many as he can while his miserable ass is still in office. This makes me so sick. I hated him ever since I saw him the first time, and I hate him more every time he abuses his office. I am disgusted, and only hope that when a new president comes to office, he will reverse all of this lame crap this idiot has put in place to disarm the Amer
  2. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/07/foghorn/breaking-obama-administration-bans-import-izhmash-kalashnikov-saiga-firearms/ I am sure everyone knows here, I just can't find the thread.
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