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  1. Went to WallyWorld today. Had a real good feeling as I walked through the door I was gonna find some ammo. Walked up to the ammo case and would you believe it! NOTHING AGAIN! Crickets chirping. Some times I find my self looking at the case as if something will magically appear. I noticed the giant stack of clay pigeons is dwindling. Maybe that's gonna be the next thing in short supply. I resisted the urge to panic on that. They did have 10 bulk paks of 20ga. I stopped by Bi-mart and they had some bare bones 1022's. I was out the door with one in under 5 minutes for $
  2. The difference between a boy and a man
  3. The low warning light is blinking red on my current bulk inventory level. My brother and I are slowing down how often we go to shoot. 500 12ga target loads 2000 7.62x39 FMJ 600 7.62x39 tracer 700 5.56x45 tracer 500 .223 FMJ 800 22LR 600 22LR tracer 400 9mm
  4. I have to wonder what is going on at these ammo manufactures? Is there is a particular part of the supply chain that gates production (primers, powder, brass?) or is it simply how fast these machines can crank out product? Ammo worker #1 'Hey joe...that guy just called again and is asking when we're gonna ship some rounds! You wanna start working on it today?' Ammo worker #2 'Nahhhh, relax and look at this talking dog on YouTube with me.' On a plus side, when these ammo companies finally get up to speed, we are probably going to see a bunch of surplus ammo come onto the market
  5. Anyone notice the Walmart 12 ga target loads getting scarce in their areas? The rifle ammo has been cleaned out for months but there always seemed to be a supply of 12 ga target loads...until now. Last few times I checked it was gone. Went in the other day and found some. I panicked and bought all of it. Around 400 rounds for $100 My Walmart is in Cornelius, Oregun
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