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  1. I also picked up a Phantom flash hider. I can't say enough good things about the quality and workmanship on both items. The stick fits my Saiga like a glove!
  2. ] Did you order the Galil style stock or the collapsible version? I ordered the collapsible version and it arrived today. I could not be happier!! Extremely well made! I mean good old American heavy duty made! Awesome job by Chris,
  3. I ordered mine without the stock. I had an extra Magpul stock that has been laying around for a while and decided to use that.
  4. I order a Bonsteal folding stock and a flash hider on Jan 30, and received notice yesterday that my order shipped. Just over two weeks. Not bad when you consider the demand that the current environment has created. I have exchanged a few emails with Chris during that period. I eamiled to make a change to my order and just for on update on my order status. I just want to say that he does an awesome job with customer service!! For as busy as he is, he always found time to reply to my emails and to make my order changes. I can't say enough about the great customer service! I can't w
  5. Gas tube is successfully removed. I have been putting it off thinking it would be more difficult than it really was. I spoke with our construction / maintenance supervisor today. He said he has the perfect person to do the welding. When I get it back I will post some pictures of it. I am very new to the forum, thank you to everyone for your help. I would have never tackled the conversion myself if it were not for all the resources posted here.
  6. I don't have anything against having it welded. I just don't know of anyone near me who can do it. The pieces are so small, I can't imagine what it would take to weld it. Any suggestions as to which vendor in this board would do such a small job? Thanks.
  7. Thanks guys! I will keep trying! I do have a second Saiga 12 that I want to convert in the future. I just don't want to bastardize it for parts.
  8. He'll be waiting a long long time. He should just pony up the cash to get one from dinzag or have a good welder fix it and get to using his gun. Otherwise he will have gun in the back of the closet for 3 years making him sad. Gunfun, I have no problem ponying up the cash to buy from dinzag. In fact I sent him an email prior to posting about it here. Waiting to hear back. My concern with dinzag is that his look shorter than the original and they also appear to be custom to the AK wood foregrip. I already have the Chaos quad rail purchased and I don't think it will work wit
  9. I was hoping you were not going to say that! @&!,?&$@!! I looked at the dinzagarms and the gas tubes sold there have the rear sight attached and are made for the AK 47 fore grip. If there is anyone out there who is planning on buying the dinzagarms S12 gas tube and wants to offset their cost by selling their original gas tube, please shoot me a PM! Thanks!
  10. I am in the market for the same parts. I had the exact same mishap.
  11. I joined the board a few weeks ago and failed to post to the new members section. I am from NE Pennsylvania and have wanted a Saiga 12 for some time. I bought my first one about a week before finding this board. Thanks to all for such an excellent resource. I am about 50% complete with my first conversion and will post pictures when finished. I try to stop by Cabela's a couple of times per week just to see if they have anything new or interesting. If anyone would like for me to scope out anything for them while I am there, just send me a PM.
  12. I did find a gas tube listed on gunbroker and have sent the seller an email. Are the gas tubes the same for all calibers or do they differ?
  13. Johnny, Thank you for all of your input and help! They are very much appreciated!! I had already looked at dinzagarms website and saw the gas tube you mentioned. When I looked at that, I was under the impression that this made the gas tube shorter so that an AK fore grip would fit. Hopefully my assumption is wrong. I did send dinzagarms an email. I will wait for his reply and continue my search.
  14. I have searched the forum for "replacement gas tube" but did not find anything. Next up is google. I re-assembled the bolt and everything seems solid, but I still don't trust it.
  15. Well guys I think I screwed the pooch with my conversion. Everything was going great, piece of cake actually, that is until I went to remove the rear sight. I cut the sight with my dremel and tried to tap it out. Well I must not have cut deep enough becuase the sight did not budge. I gave it a pretty good tap and them I realized that the gas tube was wiggling around. Hopefully you can see it in the picture. The tab on both sides of the gas tube where "dovetails" into the receive cracked and broke off. I am only posting a picture on the one side, but the same thing happens on both s
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