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  1. I also had the same issue today with the vepr rail.
  2. GIJOE79

    Please help

    I was hoping it would work but was informed by CSS that molot rail will not fit. So if you could post the measurements that would be great. Sucks I have the one Saiga that will not work with your great rails. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. GIJOE79

    Please help

    Has anyone been able to find a quad rail that will fit a Legion Saiga-12 IZSL-412NM-A
  4. GIJOE79

    Quad rail

    Has anyone been able to find a quad rail that will fit a Legion Saiga-12 IZSL-412NM-A.
  5. Will these also fit legion 12s
  6. Cameron Hadley please tell me it also fits the legions too.
  7. FNG I live in chesterfield va. Just got my first saiga 12 a month ago. Its a Legion Saiga-12 IZSL-412. I first shot a saiga 12 in Afghanistan and was hooked. Looking to change the buttstock and muzzlebreak. Also trying to find a molot vepr 12 to add to my collection. This is a great site filled with more information then I know what to do with. You guys did a great job. Thanks for all the ideas and future projects.
  8. Saw this pic on the molot vepr section. Was wondering if these rails would work on the legion.
  9. GIJOE79


    HOG76 thanks for the feedback
  10. GIJOE79


    As a new member I made sure I read prior post on the subject but the reviews were very limited. Must guys just calling each other douche bags and giving no real honest feedback. So I reposted hoping to get feedback from people who actually own one. Not concerned with price do to the fact that most FA run thousands of dollars. Was hoping someone could explain how well it functions and how is the quality of the build.
  11. GIJOE79


    Does anyone own a bumpski stock and if so what are your thoughts. Also here is the bumpski website. http://fostechoutdoors.com/shop/catalog/bumpski-1-1.html
  12. Thanks again. Can't wait til it comes in.
  13. Thanks for all the advice. So far I replaced the grip with an ATI scorpion pistol grip, did the CSS reliability kit and I'm ordering the parts to start a butt stock conversion to an AR collapsable style tube. To allow the selection of AR butt stocks. I want a quad rail that will allow me to have a foreward grip and the possibilities to mount a surefire light and the option to mount my optic forward of the AK style rear sight. I'm prior military served in the army as an airborne paratrooper so I'm very comfortable with AR style weapons. So my goal is to try and match that style with the saiga p
  14. Yeah I want a quad rail but do to the ak sight block and gas tube all the rails I have tried will not fit. Was going to modify the one I bought but would love to find a company willing to make a rail that will fit.
  15. I have a Legion Saiga-12 IZSL-412NM-A. I was wondering if anyone knows what rail system will fit this saiga. I'm having difficulties due to the gas tube. Thanks look forward to any suggestions http://legionusainc.com/images/detailed/0/DSC01395.jpg
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