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  1. Thanks guys, you rock!
  2. I meant the three scope rings. 1", 30mm low profile(which is 35 bucks) and the 30mm super low profile. I'm like a 2 year old in a candy shop. I have no idea whats what.
  3. Thanks man! I'm looking for the slung over the shoulder, running through the woods gun. I have a nice remington 700 on layaway, so this rifle isn't for crazy long distances. I wanted a good quality semi auto rifle in 308, and with all the craziness in the usa these days, this seemed to be a great choice, especially for the price i paid. I've noticed guys complaining that the scope rings are too high and i wanted to buy the best ones out of the three i have to choose from. I appreciate the very quick response with all the details. This really is the best firearm forum!
  4. Yeah it's the kalinka top mount. I bought my rifle from K-var. Like i said, i'm very new to this community and most of the above suggestions are french to me. Any links would be appreciated. I just got my tax return and spring bonus, so i could go above my original budget. I didn't buy scope rings yet. I see there are 1', 30mm low profile and 30mm super low profile. Can anyone help me with that?
  5. Hey i just got my new vepr super 308 from my ffl 3 days ago. I'm really stoked and can't wait to shoot it. I'm kind of new to the firearm community, and i just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on a scope to mount on my new rifle. I know nothing about optics and even less about a good scope for the vepr. I've ordered a weaver rail to mount to the top. Anyone have any good suggestions?? It seems like the vepr is rare in the states and there is very little info on them out on the gun forums. I haven't even fired a shot and i already love this gun. It's a work of art in my eyes. I boug
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