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  1. I have hard on for dubya. I am troll man. You silly SS
  2. It not my rifle it in his name we buy tools together. Rifle his. He build. I know nothing bout nothing. You SS.
  3. Yes very true, U.S. need start producing steel case of their own. Steel very good. very very good.
  4. I no do that, I am strong man

    1. vulcan16



  5. I come from kraljevo infantry serbian army. Carry many magazine and serbian made ak. we strong very and have 75 kilogram pack.
  6. I thought every body SS here. I am Silly Sally. I silly sometimes this forum very silly. Not much talk about gun or ak-47 at all only talk about rubbish and children things.
  7. You preaching to man serve 10 years military not in united states or as you say preach to choir. The stronger you are the better. If bitch about couple pounds you have no chance in real battle. Lift weights.
  8. Be tough and lift weight until very strong then rifle light as feather.
  9. Maybe take out 40round mag hahaha that is lots of weight. I like my ak's to have lots of weight counter the recoil with the weight. Keep gas tube keep handgaurd lift weights get strong.
  10. I heard from source that ak-74 ammo will not be around forever but hard to believe when that is russian military ammo for most part. Any body know?
  11. Lots of garbage in this thread but thanks for info from people who gave it. And yes it possible for build ak from flat. Milled is from one block of steel. Stamped ak from flat more durable than milled due to ability to flex. It is believed that stamped ak last longer than milled. Who knows? To all you SS out there thank you for info.
  12. SS must be Silly Sally. Sometime I silly so nickname make much sense.
  13. Kamloops is Canada. Not quite real world either. All woman are very good looking and not fat like American woman.
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