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  1. Got the red dot and mount and mounted it on the gun and there's some play in it. It moves side to side. Did I put it one wrong or is there just gona be some play with this kind of mount?
  2. I saw somewhere that a surplus ak sling would work on a saiga so I bought one. I tried to put it on today and couldn't figure out how it attached to the stock handguard. It doesn't have the metal clip that the ones I've seen on videos have. Just has a piece of leather with a hole in it. Am I missim g something obvious or do I need something else to make this work? Thanks
  3. Decided to go with the msa
  4. It's gona be fixed and I don't like the look or want the added length of the regular block
  5. They all seem to be about the same price. I saw one comment that msa is the best bc of more mounting points. Was gona get the css bc there close and would get it fast but saw something about there being a gap and a downward angle
  6. I bought a saiga with a tapco ak stock and decided to order an ace stock for it. Well I got the ace in today and took the tapco off to mount it and don't see where to mount it. Did they not need a receiver block to mount the ak stock? I thought you needed a block to mount any stock on the saiga Here's the gun btw
  7. Yea I've checked gunsamerica and gunbroker but they're still at panick prices. I'm not gona pay $800 to $1000 for a saiga
  8. Anybody know of anywhere that has any 7.62 saigas in stock? Thanks
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