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  1. It's very encouraging to see that things sound really positive. I've been doing a lot of research and between the comments here, the review from Tim at Military arms Channel, plouffedaddy's youtube video, and calling around to various distributors it seems that these mags are good to go, especially since I'm not doing anything serious with it (just 3 gun). Needless to say, I'll be placing an order for my Vepr 12 by the end of the week. Thanks for all the help guys!
  2. Of those that have responded so far. How many mags do you have and of those mags how many are problematic in any degree? I'm just trying to get a rough picture of the failure/ problematic rate,
  3. Shady, was this for a particular brand of cheap ammo or all across the board? Thanks for the comments guys. Keep them coming!
  4. Yeah, this shotgun just for 3 gun and competition only. Nothing serious... That's what I have my rifle for
  5. So I'm thinking about investing in a Vepr 12 for 3 gun, but have heard mixed feelings about the aftermarket SGM Tactical Magazines (10 and 12 rd'ers). For those w/ experience with them, are they good/ reliable/ worth buying? Or am I just better off buying the factory Russian 8rd mags? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. So I'm still relatively new to the MKA 1919/ 3 gun/ shotgunning. What brand(s) of birdshot have you guys found to work well/ suck in this weapon system, specifically in the 10rd factory mags (if that makes a difference)? I've been shooting Walmart Winchester stuff lately because that's all I currently have/ I've been able to find, and I get intermittent feeding issues (FTF and FTE). I have heard that Winchesters aren't the best, partially because they have a weaker hull that deforms easier than other brands. On the flip side, I've heard that Remingtons hulls are a little more rigid and feed b
  7. So I decided to throw on a BAD lever that I had laying around onto my MKA 1919 and found that it doesn't quite fit/ operate w/orubbing into the lower. Any tips on how to get this to work? Thanks! I'm excited to post pics of my shotty once it's finished!
  8. So just an update. I was able to file them down as directed above and they now fit. All I have to do now is take them out to the range. Thanks again for the help!
  9. Duggr, How much would you say you had to file to get them to work? I got one of the problem mags to engage finally, but not the other one. I just don't want to file it too much. I've been sanding the polymer part of the mag down too since it seems like it's right on the mag well.
  10. Otlahurst, is the bur where duggr is showing in his pics? Either way, hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to tinker around with it. Thank you for the quick replies guys! Duggr, on a side note, how do you like the Salem 6 conversions vs the factory 10? I'm thinking about picking up a couple to upgrade the 5rdrs that came with the shotgun.
  11. So I took the plunge and bought a Tooth and Nail AR-12/ MKA 1919. I just picked it up today and I'll say that it is pretty sweet. I have to give them a call tomorrow, but I have a couple of questions regarding the mags; specifically the 10rd mags. - Only one of my mags drops free on its own. It is a ten round mag, but I have 2 regular 5rd mags and (2) 10rd mags that won't drop free. - Only (1) of my 3 10rd magazines will stay inserted. Of the other two, one I have to slam in to get it to engage and stay. The other one, the magazine won't fully engage and won't stay in at all no matter wha
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