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  1. hey, anyone know where i can find a Tru-Glo titan adj, ckoke tube? seems they are discontinued. thank you!
  2. hello, kinda new to the ak platform & need a little help. i used to own a Legion saiga 030. i never had to bother with the iron sights because they were fine when i shot slugs out of it. i sold it a few yrs back & now i just bought the JTS knock-off. i just want to know ( if anyone knows or owns one of these) if the sights on a JTS are the same as a saiga. if they are, i just need to know if there is some reference material ( web sites, links) that explain how to zero the sights on the JTS. only doing this because i like to shoot mostly slugs. i did try searchi
  3. hey thanks! i didnt see atlantic firearms. appreciate it. now, if i can find the same front side pic of an SGM "saiga12" 25rd`er, then i`ll know which one to buy for my JTS shotgun.
  4. thanks but i looked all over the web and none of them that i saw showed the front of the mag, just the rear like the pic you sent. i just need to know if there is a locking tab on the front of it like the rock n lock mags have. if you can find any of the front...please feel free so post. thanks again!!!
  5. hello, wondering if i could have a little help. if someone in here has one of these 25rd drums ( for the magwell ver.), could you please post a close-up pic of the drums tower for a good side view so i could see the rear & the front of the tower at the same time? i want to see if this particular drum has the locking tabs on the front & rear. i`m trying to compare it to the sgm vepr12 drum. the vepr i dont think has a locking tab on the front of its tower. thanks to any poster who can put a pic up for me.!
  6. hello, can anyone here tell me the differences between these two? i`d assume the differences are in the dimensions of the tower. reason i`m asking is a few years ago i had to sell my Legion Saiga 433a 030. i had one of those drums for it too. sold it all and now regret it. anyhow, i recently purchased the chicom knock-off JTS m12 ak shotgun. since it has a magwell i wanted to purchase one of these drums but i dont know which one i should buy. i have seen videos of mods to both of them where the doer is adding thickness to the rear of the tower to make a tight fit so it
  7. hi, just purchased one these shotguns last week. i used to have an legion saiga 433 but had to sell. when i saw one of these i just thought i give it a shot. anyhow, seeing as i had a drum for the legion when i owned one i was wondering if the vepr12 or SGM drum ( for the magwell) would work with this jts. i saw a mod on youtube for the vepr12 drum . a question i have is which drum would fit more closely in the jts magwell. if anyone here has done this mod or knows the specs of jts that could tell me which one i should try to mod i would appreciate the info.
  8. i would also be in for one if it would retro-fit my legion 433a w/ lrbho. i like the ak platform but i just can`t get used to or like the selector. would this only fit an s-12 original( rock-n-lock)? mine is a 433a from legion. would change mine in a heart beat if it works with the 433a conversion.
  9. way ahead of ya! i used to make something like it back when i was a kid. 12ga shell with primer knocked out. cva cannon fuse in the hole. fill w/ 3f and wadding. use press to seal it like a real shell. here`s the best part... would take 8lb test line, soak in elmers glue and wrap lots of times around shell. let it dry for a couple of days. bigger boom than an m-80!!!
  10. thanks guys, i already have the equipment. all i need is the paper wadding.
  11. thats a negative on the primer. i tried. want a boom like an m-80 to scare the living crap out of the intruder so i don`t have to use other means to keep my house safe. was looking for a recipe that uses 3 to 4F black powder. not worrying about the intruders health
  12. not running in any gun. using in a perimeter alarm.
  13. highplains, in your opinion what muzzle rise device would you suggest for my legion 433a? gimme your 3 best options for one that screws on in place of the flash hider. thanks!
  14. looked it up. just what i was looking for. thanks for the link!
  15. the originator of this post also asked if the brake he was mentioning was really worth it. but unless i missed it in the replies, no one said. so i`m asking,.. is this brake as good as its billed as? does it really keep the muzzle tame when in rapid firing? i`m in the market for one to put on the end of my legion 433a. thanks!
  16. hi fellows, reason i bring this up in here is, where better to find info on 12ga ammo users than in here. anyway, where can i buy the loudest 12ga. shells around. if you want to answer you can message me as so not to make a big to-do of this thread. thanks guys!
  17. exactly, i`m new to the saiga SG format. when i decided to buy one, i looked a several and decided to buy the one with a magwell from legion. its a 433a. didn`t mean to start a feud here. i just didn`t " think" about what it would mean to me to get one with a magwell already built in. just thought the magwell version was a nice change from the standard saiga. all i know is i would pay to have one made for the legion 433a if i could find someone to do the work. i did email a couple of guys i know who used to work for Red Jacket. the one said they don`t do mags, the other is going to le
  18. nice video! ok, now who can make one of these? i would pay someone to do it for sure!
  19. well, we can only hope that some manufacturer decides to take the plunge. your probably right on the tooling costs. i was a beta tester for blackdog mags .22 lr 50 rd drum for the ar/m16 rifle. there were i believe 7 or 8 others who tested also. the owner Rich, was telling me before we tested that he had spent k`s of $ on tooling for the drum. but those things are still selling like hotcakes!
  20. hi, i have the above for sale for $400.00 shipped conus. 1000 rds. 50 packs of 20 per pack. will accept postal m.o. only. message me for contact. thanks!
  21. yeah, that ill be it! is it just me, but i`ve seen a lot of magwelled vers. of the s12 including mine( legion 433a) thought it might behoove some usa manufacturer to build one.
  22. no, i don`t mean promag. its called a powermag 650 or 700. i don`t know exactly where its made but the site i saw it on was european. and the price was in the Euro currency. i think its made from aluminum. and in american currency its about $400. thats the one i`m talking about. not that plastic promag that only works with original saigas w/o a magwell.
  23. are there any usa manufacturers who now make or plan on making a version of the above named drum mag for saiga 12`s w/ wagwell? i know this was brought up before but i remember reading there was someone in the design phase of such a drum. thanks
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