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  1. Well a while back I posted on here that I had a Slamfire happen because of a bent firing pin, well turns out my whole bolt is bent a slight bit now after the slam fire. I'm looking for any where or anyone that knows of a place to get an entire bolt assembly. Thank you in advance!
  2. I have a bent firing pin in my Vepr 12 and no one seems to sell replacment firing pins so was wondering if the saiga 12s were the same?
  3. still can't find anyone that sells these firing pins .... does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. This piece seems to be bent ? What is this? I dont think the bolt is bent I think it naturaly has that angle...but idk? I need help importer tgi says they no longer have smiths....
  5. Ok so i took the bolt apart and the pin is bent... and i think the bolt is too... I think i need a whole new bolt. Does anyone know who to get ahold of to get one also the phone number if you have it... I called wpa and TGI, mach something ... they all don't know. Im lost! Are these the same as saiga 12 bolts?
  6. Importer stamped tgi on the reciever does anyone have s number for them?
  7. It kinda looks like it but I cant tell ... all I kno is that it goes all back togather but if I release the bolt hard it kinda gets jammed and I have to tap it with a hammer back to get it to slide back...
  8. Thats what my crew figured is the pin is broke or stuck... I bought this from a member on here through gunbroker.com what or who should I call?
  9. I gotta post these one at a time
  10. Well I got the bolt free... there is some burs and shinny metal now on the bolt ... is there any way to get a whole new bolt assembly? Because it goes back in but gets stuck at points, I really have to muscle it.
  11. Ill post pics tommorow im at work tonight but... Swear lol iv shot this thing a dozen times... but today first time pulling it back and release and boom! Scared me to death! litterally blew out the bottom of the mag and cracked down all for edges! and it was Herters from cabelas i believe is what it is called...
  12. Well took my Vepr out today to shoot, and first factory 5 round mag i put in slam fired! It blew the mag up and now my bolt is stuck and wont move???? WTF!!! I am not the most gun inclined person around... what is the best route to go to get this thing back shooting again? pictures coming soon!
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