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  1. I did my conversion last weekend real easy didn't take long at all
  2. On second thought, I really want that 433. At the right price I'll take it off your hands. For the right price. Any things for sale Lol. I am going to do the conversion and get a side folder. I may just screw a rail to the bottom of the handguard. I would just like my pistol grip. Lone star wanted 1100 to rebuild my gun. And that's all they offered. Other than saying "you may have to try and epoxy a rail on yourself then" Lol.
  3. Anyone know if the outside of the retainer is the same as an ak?
  4. I emailed them tonight already. I like that one they made Really wish I got a different model The reason I made this thread is to talk to those who actually made something work and have these. Not Just for general ideas what to do
  5. http://Saiga-12.com/proddetail.asp?prod=CHS-V12QR This will work too?
  6. Thank you. The legion USA handguard looks alright. You don't sell the vepr retaining clip on your website?
  7. So I recently picked up a 433 saiga. Before I did any research. Kind of wish I would have got a different model due to the non adjustable gas block, and front fore grip. I still love the gun and can live with the gas block, but I ordered a tactical kit before I read on the fore grip. I didn't expect the difference. So now I need help finding a rail system that works with the retaining clip. So please let me know what you used. This was the only one I seen..... http://legionusainc.com/vepr-12-lower-handguard.html Any help is appreciated!
  8. I think this is the model I have. I dont like the gas block. Not having the adjustable gas plug.so is that the only fore grip option? I ordered one I'm not sure will fit
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