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  1. Looking to buy a Krebs 4 prong flash hider in 24x1.5 rh, and Krebs safety selector for saiga.
  2. Hey does anybody know the diameter of the newer Saiga 7.62 barrels? I want to buy a new front sight block but from what I understand most sight blocks will fit to loosely on a newer Saiga barrel..Any thoughts?
  3. Yes your right. However, I will have the Krebs Custom AK Rear Sight Rail System which has the rear sight close to the shooters eye, making it a longer sight radius then standard irons. I forgot to mention that in my original post my mistake.
  4. Hello everybody new guy to the forum here. I usually build AR-15s' so I'm still fairly new to the "AK" platform. I bought a Saiga sporter in 5.45x39 and want to convert it to the standard AK style. I recently saw a Saiga variant by Krebbs Customs that caught my eye, so my new project is to modify my rifle around the Krebbs Custom UFM Keymod Rail. Everything seems pretty staight forward, except I want to move the Front Sight Base closer to the shooter and thread the muzzle.I know with dimples holding the front sight base secure the holes could be a problem filing in. My main question is: Is it
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