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  1. It's funny you mention that, but I'm from the Bremerton area. I live in the city now though. I got everything resolved now, but thanks for the offer! This is the best way to remove your broken tap. I too have gotten careless and broke a tap and spent hours trying to figure out how to remove it even though I had read in this very forum to use a hammer and punch. It literally only took three hits and it shattered the broken tap after which I was able to use the threads I had already cut. I chased the threads with another tap just to clean them up. And thanks! This did the trick. Po
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys! I went ahead and placed a tap extractor for pickup. It was dead cheap, like $10. I'll go ahead and dremel off that JB weld around the bullet and see if the extractor will work. If not, I got a nice punch ready to go. I really appreciate it, and look forward to posting my build when all's good in the hood
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to the community. I purchased a Saiga 7.62x39 rifle from a local shop here in Washington, and then set out on the journey of converting it to not being stupid. Here's a picture if you're interested. This image is a little bit after the conversion process with the grip and before I finished threading the barrel and attaching the compensator and the bullet guide. Anyways, so, an idiot (myself) took his time drilling out the hole for the bullet guide screw, and then took his time with the tap, and, lo and behold, I broke it off inside of the gun. As seen i
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