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  1. I am done... ChileRelleno that is rude that you call me.... I am not here to be called anything.... I am done with this group of people like you... People like that give gun people the reason people want gun control... Thanks for the people who helped.. but rude people I can not stand, nor will tolerate!!!!
  2. It is very disappointing that no one is helping.. They just say sell it and get a viper... I did not ask your opinion of the gun.. Many find it reliable.. Are most Saiga and Viper owners rude that tell you to sell your gun?? I am very disappointed and think this forum is full of bullies of owners that own something other than Vipers!!!!
  3. I bought a Century Arms Catamount Fury (since Saigas were an arm and a leg) in December. It would not cycle no matter what I did, and the dust cover broke off. Well sent it back to Century Arms, and finally got it back. The paperwork says they used Noble 12g 00 Buck to test with 10 rounds. My question is, since it is very similar to the Saiga, what 00 buck do you use? It needs broken in, so I need good 00 buck. I looked for Noble and it is expensive as hell. And I hear it is not that good. Many in forums suggest Win 209. But they do not have the picky Russian clones. Any help is greatl
  4. I am in Texas, so I do not need a special permit here. But thanks for all the info. I appreciate it.
  5. I just bought the Century Arms Fury 12G (Catamount Fury). This is my first semi auto shotgun. Anyone know where I can find 10 or more round magazines? Also I was told by my local dealer that there is a conversion out there that it will take Saiga 12 Mags? Where can I find that? Also shoulder stocks like on Saiga 12s? It has a shotgun stock, I want the AR adjustable type that takes some of the recoil. Thanks Todd
  6. Does anyone have an opinion on the Century Arms Fury 12G (Catamount Fury). I see the magazine inlet is different from the Fury 1 and Fury 2. What are your thoughts?
  7. What book woud be the book for long range 00 for reloading?? I am not too schooled on shotshells, and there are alot to choose from. What would you recommend for reloading my .410 (My Taurus Judge Defender) and my Saiga 12g Loads??
  8. I will be using "OO" pellets, since they spread. I am also looking into the resin Winchester Long Beard XR uses, that extends the tight grouping at up to 40 yards. Usually our minimum altitude due to trees. We usually fly at 50'- 200' depending on the trees. I will be reloading, so I thank GunFun for the reloading help also. This is by far the most informative forum!!!!
  9. Those hogs can take hits to the body by an AR round... I have shot many hogs 4 to 5 times before they went down.. When thier in full sprint and I am hanging out of the heli... The hogs are running and my pilot has to keep up with them... Moving turbulance and the hogs changing direction... Snipers can't do 1 shot 1 kills from Helis... Too many variables... Hope that answers your question.
  10. Thanks for all the help to you all... I have shot my Sig12 and it is positioned perfect... It is after 40 or so my shoulder gets sore... My AR I would average 200 rounds per hunt and then I would get sore.. Those hogs can take hits unless behind the head... When thier in full sprint and I am hanging out of the heli...About 4 shots per hog, that is why I am switching to the Saiga 12... I will be using 00 buck, since it his higher kill racio... I will be reloading mine so thanks for the 2.75 instead of the 3" shells... I know recoil is in the rounds too... As for hunting with me... ther
  11. The recoil will kill my shoulder at 50 to 100 rounds a day. Is there a stock that has a spring to absorb the recoil?
  12. I have use an AR15 to hunt hogs from a helicopter for a few months now. But I am switching to a Saiga 12, since the hogs are still running after rounds hit them. But my Saiga 12 has a hell of a kick (ALOT more than my AR) and I will be going through 50-100 rounds per day. My shoulder will be sore and I don't want to support the Advil company. So what are the best ways to make the Saiga 12 not kick so much. I have been told a flash suppressor that vents the gasses back towards me. Is there a stock that has a spring that absorbes the kick? What other things can I add that will reduce the ki
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