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  1. WTS: Saiga 12/Vepr 12 10-slot flash hider. Made by DPH Arms in the USA. New and unused. PayPal only, no trades. $20 shipped.
  2. Selling some spare parts I have laying around. All items are in new condition. Paypal only, shipping included in prices. - Izhmash AK-100 series folding stock for 5.5mm pin. $110. - Izhmash Saiga 12 030 magwell 4rd magazine. $65 - AK74M, AKS74U, and AK-100 series folding stock front latch kit. $20
  3. I recently picked up a Legion Saiga 12 030 Taktika and have been having some magazine fitment issues. Out of the box the factory 4 rounder had to be slapped once or twice with a good amount of force to get it to lock once inserted into the magwell. I didn't think too much about it at first but after picking up 2 factory 8 rounders and 4 SGM 10 rounders the problem has persisted and I'm not 100% sure how to remedy it. I've inserted and removed the mags a good amount to try and break them in but that has not seemed to help. Any known quick fixes for this? I'm assuming I will have to sand the mag
  4. Hello, I'm looking to buy some parts for my Saiga 12 030 build. I'm located in Ohio and willing to pay for desirable parts. I'm specifically looking to buy Izhmash factory 8rd magazines for the magwell equipped Saiga 12, Izhmash railed gas block, 10 slot flash hider (long variant). Please contact me if you have any of these items for sale or if you know where I could find them. thanks.
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