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  1. Only thing with a pipe cutter is that you can't get nice and snug with the FSB which makes it look a little hinky with the extra space between the FSB and your muzzle device IMO.
  2. There wouldn't be any disadvantage to welding it in place though would there? I do currently have another tap, Drilled the hole with a 7/64th like I was supposed to, used plenty of oil but the tap would not bite, once it did it snapped. Shouldn't be as much of a pain in the ass as it has been, I know it's an easy task. What really sucks is that one easy task is messing with the overall functionality of my weapon.
  3. You looking for anything in particular for trade? Would not having the retainer clip make that much of a difference? I've got some ACU mag pouches and some steel AR mags, a bunch of random stuff I acquired before my exit out of the Army.
  4. Recently purchased a 7.62x39 Saiga, reconfigured it to it's original configuration. Put on a hogue pistol grip and a Tapco G2 trigger. Buddy of mine gave me a wood stock and a handguard but he did not have the gas tube cover. I recently got some nice wood for my Norinco SKS but it's got the cheese grater gas tube cover so therefore cannot put the wood cover on it (I personally like the cheese grater anyway. Tried installing the feed ramp but accidentally broke the tap inside the hole, so I'll be welding it in place insteading of bolting it. So I was hoping someone might be willing to s
  5. How difficult is it to remove the shroud around the barrel before you can actually thread it? I know CSS sells an expensive threading tool for reducing the thickness of the barrel but is it really necessary or can I just use a cut off wheel or a pipe cutter? I might just take you up on this offer. Recently purchased a 7.62x39 Saiga and want to put a flash hider on it.
  6. Took me probably 45 mins or less to convert my Saiga with a hand drill, a dremel, a flathead screwdriver, an allen wrench and a hammer. The feed ramp has posed a little bit more of an issue, broke the tap inside the hole so I'll be welding it in place.
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