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  1. It's still under warranty (lifetime warranty per ProMag) When I spok to ProMag's tech support, they offered to take it back on trade for something out of their other products even though I bought if from Carolina Shooters Supply. I haven't asked CSS about a refund, since they specify no returns of drums of mags on the web site. No one around here has a Saiga of any flavor except me. Wish there was, be a big help at times like this. Will do, soon as I can find my caliper. Been looking for it for days....
  2. I spoke to tech support at ProMag and he assured me all the mags were the same size since they were injection molded. When I told him about the SGMs fitting snugly in the mag well he didn't make much comment about it. I'm considering adding a layer of JBweld to the feed tower of the drum. If it will adhere to the drum material, I can shape it to fit. I can correct the side to side movement easily enough, but this drum has enough movement front to back that it's going to require adding material to front of the feed tower as well. I could file the stop on the mag latch to let it close
  3. Yep, all new stuff right out of the box. I sent e-mail to Pro-mag's tech support late Friday evening, and I'm waiting for a response. Damn, I hate getting something NEW and having to send it back. Soon as they get back with me, I'll post an update here. Thanks for your help.
  4. I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you...

  5. I bought some 20 rnd MD Arms drums for my S-12 and they all required fitting, so I was expecting the 4.10 drum to need a little massaging to make it fit, but never expected it to be loose. Even the side to side movement has me thinking about adding a strip of stainless steel tape to each side of the drum's contact area with the mag well to tighten up the slop in that direction.
  6. Has anyone here had any experience with the ProMag 30 rounders? I just picked up one from CSS and I think I have a problem. It fits too loose in the gun. This is a new S410 no mods and less than 100 rnds fired. The drum slides in and the mag latch closes fully, but the drum rocks around like it's about ready to fall out (might under recoil, haven't tried to fire the gun using it yet). Anyone? Thanks
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