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  1. I hear you. I don't flaunt my stuff either but I like to be legal as much as practical. It appears that in NJ you may be caught in the "interpretation" clauses in the laws.
  2. Has anyone been harassed and/or prosecuted in NJ for a Saiga/AK conversion even after complying with the know checklist items?
  3. Sorry for the email studded, wrestling with my smart phone and stumbling along! Lol
  4. I guess I will leave it as the "match striker". Lol
  5. Yes that's what I mean! I am sensing that most of the forum feel its just a marketing gimick. Yes that's what I mean. However I think that most forum members think its just a marketing gimmick.
  6. I installed the extended mag release and it went well but it is challenging compressing the spring and pushing the pin back in. I used the vice grips gently to hold it in proper position then later peened over the end with the ball bearing in the vice.
  7. I wonder if I sand it off, if it will show the importer inscription?
  8. Thats what it would appear to me also, however, let's hear from those who may know different.
  9. Is the single wire hammer spring any good, or reason to replace the multi-wire spring? It seems that the latter is much stronger and durable. What do you think?
  10. Is the newer single wire spring have any benefit over the older multi wound spring? I see a lot of hype but would like to know from those who have tried different hammer springs. Thanks!
  11. Well I guess no one knows? I thought that someone seriously must know about this! It certainly looks like a match striker. I probably will remove it when I do my refinishing work. Just don't want to find out later that there is some purpose to keep it.
  12. Hey that looks like a telescoping stock! Big Brother is watching you! LOL However, isn't there an attorney out there that has wrestled with this in NJ??
  13. I have read much about this issue on this forum and others, and all in all am still unsure if we don't have legal exposure here in NJ even if we are ATF compliant. I would ask that if there are some members with legal "authority" to chime in on this. Thanks for your comments! That is Saiga to Ak mods.
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