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  1. Another question is: When companies import a firearm for civilian sporting use, does the importer need to replace any parts with US made parts before selling? ***No they do not, the firearm is already legal for sale. -Because it is considered in "sporting configuration"..? So if I can find a US made REAL WOOD pistol grig and forend (for the 762), then that would still be two parts converted leaving the other easy parts conversion. US trigger and Mag). I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I guess the following statement refers to the bullet guide. "However, it is not certain that con
  2. Thanks for your helpful information. Gunwiki, never heard of it! I appreciate your response without making me feel like I'm just lazy! I guess I am, but between work, kids and the assurance of being 922r compliant, it helps to have a helping hand. Now the work begins! I just had to get these 2 items before a possible price hike occurs when tax refund purchases start.. Thanks again
  3. I'm new here, new to Saigas, and would appreciate a little help. I live in Texas -a pistol grip and high capacity magazine friendly State, and have a Saiga 7.62 and a Saiga 12 on their way. This was a post EO buy I regret and my procrastination cost me this time. I'm trying to find out if putting pistol grips and high capacity mags on both of them would require a conversion kit by law. Also, I would like to eventually get real wood furniture for the 47 and wonder if that would affect it's import compliance or make it need a conversion by law. I think the pistol grip question would cover t
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