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  1. I'm not asking anyone to do research for me, just asked if anyone knew of a place, not asking for a kidney. And my response wasn't exactly polite because I was responding to someone who's posts were 'Shits GAY' and 'F'n Newbs'. Sorry if that doesn't command much respect in my book.
  2. Cry about it loser. And gee, a 5 year old discussion with broken links and a picture definitely answers my original question of who has them for sale. Reading comprehension isn't for everyone though.
  3. Thanks for that super intelligent post Mullet man, buuuuut surprisingly that didn't answer my question. So anyone else feel free to answer. Forsaken - that's pretty close but the real one I just think will look neat on a Saiga and propping it up as a table center piece (this IS America).
  4. I remember a year or so ago a website had a "U-shaped" shield attached to a foregrip for the Saiga 12. The shield allegedly stops handgun calibers or something. Yes it's dumb and heavy and impratical, but for collectors not every gun needs to be practical, some can be just for fun. Anyways, I do remember one site having them for sale, not just a concept or anything. I haven't been able to find it and was wondering if anyone knew of a website that has them? Thanks in advance.
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