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  1. Oy. I know you want this to be a complicated and mysterious process the secrets of which only you know, but the fact is that it's easy and anyone with a Saiga 12, a AKT trigger kit, and a Dremel tool can do it. I'm not an idiot and I didn't use the wrong photos. Modding an ALG AKT trigger setup to fit and operate properly in a Saiga 12 is a straightforward and simple thing to do. Disassmble, bit of Dremel work, reassemble, and you're done. I've done it twice and the second time took about 45 minutes, is how easy it is. If you will just look at the Powerpoint I provided above, like appare
  2. It is an AKT hammer, after I'd modded it to fit. I couldn't get the pin through the hammer to show the interference without taking the 'tail' off and making room for the BHO first.
  3. Checking in with an update. After ~500 rd of high brass 00 Buck, it's still working just fine. Recently repeated the mod/install on another Saiga 12 I purchased and converted, which will be SBS'd once the Form 1 arrives.
  4. Installed ALG AKT trigger in converted Saiga 12 SBS http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/97641-installed-alg-akt-trigger-in-converted-saiga12-sbs-it-works/
  5. Installed ALG AKT in VEPR 7.62x54R http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/97699-alg-akt-trigger-in-vepr-762x54r-it-works/ Should also work in VEPR .308
  6. It's pretty easy, actually. You'll only need to mod the ALG hammer before installing the kit per ALG instructions. As you can see in the pics, the receiver for the VEPR has a reinforcement bar across it near the hammer pivot pin. Both the 'tail' on the ALG hammer and the body of the ALG hammer interfere with this pin. Grind the 'tail' off to make the hammer round in the area of the pin hole, and notch the hammer body similar to the factory hammer to clear the pin when the hammer is resting on the firing pin with the bolt forward. My pictures are pre-polishing/painting, so don't bother tel
  7. I used the whole AKT fcg including the hammer, and it took only the mods I show in the ppt. It's realy not hard to do. I saw the youtube vid, but at least the one I looked at didn't have any info on how to do it.
  8. Could I make a video of this info and give you credit? Go for it, brah. If you can link your vid here or in a new post, that'd be cool. The idea is to get the info out there. I already sent it to Charlie at ALG at his request. Next mod will be getting the AKT into a VEPR 7.62x54R. Not as easy as the Saiga.
  9. It took about 2.5 hours, and was actually pretty easy with only material removal required. Works fine after 100rd through it and no trigger problems or multiple-fire conditions. PowerPoint of the Mods NOTE: If you do this, you are taking the risk that it won't work - with all that the warning entails with regard to potential injury/death from a malfunctioning firearm. Since I don't know your skill level, I make no claims that you will have my success/luck. That, and with the variation in Saiga construction, your mod requirements/mileage may vary. If you are not confident that you can do th
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