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  1. The trunnion and parts came from properly destroyed receivers prior to my purchase. SBS was my initial plan but I haven't found anything definitive on SBSing a virgin homemade receiver. Thus the wondering of working around making it an NFA item
  2. I'm using a prebent ak 1.5mm flat. I've acquired a template and have all measurements from an existing receiver. There are some minor differences.. If the prebent ak flat can't be made to work then I'll bend my own flat to accommodate required changes. I have a complete parts kit plus an almost complete second parts kit, both of course minus receiver. I have no doubt that I can make a receiver. Just wondering what direction I want to head with and legalities. I have wondered about the trunnion vs receiver thing. Haven't found a solid definite answer..
  3. Hey guys, I'm just tossing some ideas around and have a question. I'm doing a s12 build from a virgin receiver(read:never been a shotgun with buttstock). Could I build this in the same configuration as black aces tactical builds their DT line of 12gauge firearms? For those unfamiliar, the DT is a mag fed pump action 12g "shotgun" with 8.5" barrel, folding "stock" with arm brace. ATF calls these gun legal firearms requiring no tax stamp due to having and OAL of 27"(read: not an AOW), being from a virgin receiver never having a buttstock(read: not a shotgun. Also not a SBS). Thoughts?
  4. Hey guys I'm in need of a saiga 12 mag release/ejector block. Need ASAP, I'm having no luck finding one. Thanks!
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