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  1. I think the barrel pin is 5/32 so that means that I would need a 9/64 bit which I cant seem to find anywhere! Unless I get a 5/32 bit and somehow make a barrel pin one size up (whatever that might be?) Any ideas???
  2. Ok, I got the barrel tig welded and properly installed and headspaced. What kind or type of end mill bit should I use? there are a bunch of different types. I will have to order it because they dont sell any within about 60 miles away. I think the barrel pin size is 5/32 but its tapered. but it seems a 5/32 drill bit will fit into the hole. I used a regular drill bit the first time.
  3. Would you happen to know what size of drill bit I should use to drill the pin hole and what size I should use as a barrel pin? How much larger should the pin be compared to that of the hole?
  4. I think I discovered the problem.. I removed the barrel pin today and gradually pushed the barrel out until the bolt would rotate into the trunnion lugs. I think I had the barrel in too far. How can I re-drill and re- pin the barrel without risking the barrel moving? Can I fill the groove in the barrel where I originally drilled with solder or JB weld and then re-drill?
  5. I recieved a Saiga 12 that needed the barrel replaced. I bought a new 18 inch barrel off of somebody that was sold as a second because of chamfering. I made some scribe lines on the receiver where the old barrel was so I would know how far to push in the new barrel. I installed the new barrel. The new barrel had a longer Tab? than the original barrel (to improve feeding issues?) . Anyway, To cut to the chase. I thought I installed it properly until I noticed that the bolt wont close into battery. (the bolt wont rotate into the front trunnion lugs). Note...I already drilled and put in the barrel pin and drilled the gas port holes.. Do I - Remove barrel pin and pound out the barrel until the bolt closes, redrill for the the barrel pin and fill the gas port holes , re-drill gas port holes?? OR Do I - Grind down the trunnion lugs so the bolt will rotate into battery? I have built several aks from original barreled parts kits but never from a new barrel. This is my first experience with a Saiga 12 Please help, Thank's, Craig
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