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    Some pics
  2. Love that mag conversion. Hope to do the same. Did the internals need shaving to make it fit? And if that is 50 yards, your groups look better than mine to date!
  3. Just curious. These are for original Saiga mags, yes?
  4. Hello to the Hive, I had an account here years ago and lost it. Back on after about half a dozen years, and lurking more recently. My Saiga .223 was purchased going on 10 years ago. Serial range H0616XXXX. I've got by so far with a Dinzag gas tube and some aftermarket furniture. Dragunov stock etc. I almost got an old UA mag adaptor to work, but lots of filing and fettling broke it and gave that up. The adaptor required Dinzag's bullet guide, which is still waiting in the wings for another try with a better adaptor and more patience. Yesterday after a visit to Dinzag's site and viewing his conversion kits, and tired of looking at my half-assed attempt at compliance or conversion or something, I could not resist and popped for the following. CONVKIT1D - deluxe PG conversion kit. RAMSTG2 - Trigger guard 2 kit SAIGAPIK - Saiga gas piston install kit I have a US made handguard and retainer, with a US pistol grip and buttstock (not sure which to go with) and the following: Gas piston, Gas tube (not sure it counts), Trigger, Hammer, Disconnector - the rifle should be compliant with 922r overall. Ok. More questions to come. Really enjoying looking over the gallery since I was last active. Quite a bit has changed.
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