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  1. would it sit low enough to use my nikon P223 1.4x4.5? The UTG pro?
  2. I appreciate the heads up. This rifle was a steel. Picked it up for 700 with 3 circle ten mags and 800 rounds of silver bear ammo. I was looking at the UTG Pro Gen 4 side scope mount but it looks a little high for me...Any thoughts? When I say high i mean it sits a little high not the cost.
  3. Just looking to touch base with any other enthusiasts in MN.
  4. Right now to give you a good picture, it has the full zukov hand guard. The really long one. I absolutely love that hand guard. I also have a Zukov side folding stock. I love the look, mostly Im just looking to have a decent muzzle brake put on and a little flash reduction. Other then that, the rifle, to me, is darn near perfect. I would another picture I am still getting the error message. And I believe that the current gas block is dimpled. So I will have to have a local gunsmith do it. I only hope they know how to work on AKs..Lots of AR snobs around here. I just have to find a nic
  5. I recently picked up a nice Saiga in 5.45. It was converted by RWC and is in excellent shape. I have a few questions. 1. Which is preferred, replacing the FSB or removing the barrel shroud and hoping its threaded? 2. Is there a sure fire way to know if its threaded underneath? 3. If replacing the FSB is the way to go which do you recommend. 4. If replacing is the best option who do you guys suggest do it? Legion is all booked up for fiscal year 2017. I live in Southern MN. I tried to upload a picture but I kept getting Error The server returned an error during upload.
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