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  1. Problem soveld 😁 it was the too small puck.
  2. No, it also functions when stock is folded.
  3. Yes, the larger puck is already installed in my Saiga ...... I will test it on next wednesday ...hope it will function well . Material Nr. from the aftermarket puck e.g. from CSS seems to be Nr. 1.4542 ....
  4. It is a fixed gasblock, no adjustment possible. I will try to get a matching aftermarket puck in Germany .....but this could be a problem I will also look to the mag ... Thanks
  5. Thanks for you answer. There are 5 gas ports and they are continous. There was no improvement when I shot for a longer time. Compared to the other Saiga 12 police i discovered that at my Saiga much more gas/dirt went past the piston. At first I will manufacture a puck from mild steel. I seems the origninal Saiga-puck is also from similar material.
  6. Hi, I am from from Germany and since 1 year owner or a Saiga 12 Police shotgun. From the beginning there are problems with ejecting the shells. I tried some methods to solve the problems (other recoilsprings, polishing bolt, other ammunition .......) problems remained. Now I measured the gas puck and the boring on my Saiga. There was a clearance of 0,23 mm. Another Saiga Police which i compared had only a clearance of 0,05 mm. Could this large clearance be a reason for the ejecting problems ? From which material is the origianal puck ? It is magnetic. Does it
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