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  1. Ran 50 rounds with my modified SGM 10rd and modded factory SDS 5rd. Flawless. Tuned my autoplug and ran high and low brass with no problems. Tried out my red dot and was really impressed.
  2. Done and done! Kind of. Fitted the mag good enough to slightly muscle it in. Drops out freely when released. The mag release is being held in with a small screwdriver, so I'm gonna have to smack the roll pin in soon. Now I'm gonna try to make a flare from this warped vepr 12 competition magwell I bought a few weeks ago. Hoping to add that to my magwell for that sexy dissident arms look. I'll post up a pic if it goes well.
  3. Ok, new questions. How do I get the mag release spring back in there? Is there a proven method that works better than others?
  4. The directions say to use SGM "C" type mags but I couldn't find them anywhere. I read in a thread that regular SGM mags could be modded to fit. So far I'm not having much luck. Anybody know where to get the correct mags or want to sell me some? Or do I need to mod them like they do for the JTE magwell? This is going on my Lynx 12.
  5. I bought this a couple weeks ago, installed it, and removed it. It wasn't the look I was going for. Not sure if CSS has a return policy, but figured it wasn't fair to ask for a refund for something I installed. So I'd like to sell it so I can buy another item from them. Edit - Sorry, forgot about price. Asking $50 plus shipping to the US. Not sure what contributor status is. Tried to read rules but it kept taking me back to main page.
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    I just put about 175 rounds through my Lynx 12 today. Fired and ejected everything when set on the appropriate gas setting. Mostly 1300+ fps target loads and some universal 7 1/2 birdshot. Mods were new grip, Molot muzzle brake, tubular handguard, some BCG polishing/smoothing, hammer and sear polishing, M4 tube/GL-Shock stock. It was fun but that 5 round mag got old quickly. Gonna add a magwell and grab some 8 and 10 rounders. My Mossberg shockwave was my fun gun before...now it's definitely my Lynx. Can't wait to let my family and friends try it.
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