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  1. but,but..I have always wanted a Franken gun !  So I dont think I will change much. fit it for optics maybe a brake. possibly a bi pod once I shoot it a bit and see whats what. I just didnt/dont know about AK's. I have skills and tools. Just didnt know if it came from RWC like that of if somebody had set it up that way. or if it was a more or less desirable weapon because of this or that. I had read that there were oddities. and I didnt see a brand name on the quad rail,so I had no idea about it..thanks... have to do some research on that ct9 and see what I can do with it. thanks guys,be safe....

  2. large.870078213_nonfeedingrounds.jpg.1143ee4a04df7346dd5d943cf5333ef6.jpglarge.637211757_militaryammo.jpg.81e2c6982c4ac340d515326586fdd5a4.jpgsorry if this dosnt go here,but it didnt look like to many post were being made in the section for this gun. I got a russian/RWC AK47 in a trade with no clip. It has bullet guide installed so I got clips from tapco and magpul and some military ammo. clips snap in fine. wont feed the shells.Just slides right over the top with the magpul. tries to feed with the tapco but hits bullet guide. neither seem to catch the back of the shell.. Any ideas ? I tried searching on here for help,but I am not computer savvy and the list included every word in my search and was to long to look thru. How do you narrow it down? I tried the quotation mark thing and that didnt seem to work..

  3. Hey,Hi..been looking around the site LOTS of info here.Just did some trading and came up with a taurus ct9 and a  saiga ak47. this is my first ak and it has mods. some of it has markings some not. So I thought I would ask for help.And to see if I am compliant.... trigger says tapco g2, stock is command arms, cheek rest acp, pistol grip rwc. the bullet guide appears to be welded in. I do not see any brand name on the other stuff. also the button to hold the slide open will not do so,if that has any significance.Anything else you see? Thanks !

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