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  1. Federal defense loads don’t fit in aftermarket drum or 10 round mags. Just a smidge too long. However, they do fit in the factory four round mag.
  2. Yes, couldn't believe prices for 410, and number of places that doesn't carry it. a buck a round.
  3. Adjusted the gas port to "1" today and it cycled perfectly fine with 4 buck. evidently too much pressure on number 2.
  4. Got a 4 round magazine and shooting 410 Remington 3" OOO home defense loads, all 4 fired but last one collapsed after firing and did not eject. feeding issue or magazine issue? Don"t want to buy a drum unless I find the right ammo type and no feeding issue.
  5. Just picked up a used 410 Saiga with 1 3 inch mag. In your opinions, who makes the best drum mag? Thanks in advance.
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