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  1. Brian ripped me off. I will say it over and over. No contact back, no merchandise sent to me, it's been over 2 months. I've even called his number. He may be good but he apparently gave up
  2. How do I get ahold of him is he's much in business he owes me money
  3. I do not believe Brian is still in business, and I can say he is definitely either not paying attention to orders emails. But sure is taking the money you send him for a order. On April 04 2022 I ordered a saiga removable hex hand guard retainer. That you tighten down to hold on your hand guard. If someone grinded off the factory weld one. I researched the part online his website said stay away from cheap knock offs. I ordered his it is now June 17 2022 almost going into July. My bank verified the money went into his account I called the 18106879726 # that the voicemail says Angie. I've left o
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