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  1. I’m sure whoever had the gun before me jammed that patch in there to keep the gas plug from moving back and fourth. My question is, does this thing have the wrong plug or regulator or something, there shouldn’t really be that much of a void of space in there as far as I know. This gas puck shouldn’t move at all ?
  2. I bought a Saiga 20 gauge that already has some upgrades, Zhukov stock and an updated grip. It fires ok but has cycling issues So I figured I’d tear the gun down to see if it’s had any of the problem parts switched out, gas puck, 6 position gas regulator ext. I noticed it only has the stock 2 position gas regulator plug, I removed the plug and I pulled the bolt and everything out and popped the puck out. I noticed that there was a thick cleaning patch wadded up in between the puck and the regulator along with tons of nasty build up , witch I thought was very strange. I cleaned up all the parts
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