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  1. How much are the adapters and where can they be purchased? I think the costing is all relative to how many AR mags we already own.
  2. What are your opinions on the msa conversion pieces that allow the use of ar mags and when taken out, the saiga mags? That seemed like a pretty nice option to me.
  3. Every once in a while I see the saiga 223's for sale in the $350 range I think to myself that I really need to buy one of these rifles while I can at that price. For my normal trip to the range I either use bolt actions for long range 700 to 1000 yards or AR's out to 300 or 500 yards max. The first thing I'd do is leave it bone stock and see what kind of group I could get at 100 yards with it using some 69gr matchking ammo. Then I'd see how far out I could take it. I think I could live with only making hits out to 300 yards, but the 10rd mags are going to drive me nutts. I like the idea o
  4. I've been following saiga's for a while now and I've noticed that the prices are getting lower on them again. I've always like the conversions/upgrades that made the rifle use AR-15 magazines. I would only buy a saiga with that option because I want to use mags I already have, because I have all my ammo on stripper clips ready for those AR mags. I'd be interested in buying a saiga that has the AR magazine setup already on it and ready to go. Who do you all recommend and what's a fair price for such a rifle?
  5. I'm rethinking the idea of a saiga 12 now because of all this. If I ever did buy one I think I'd just stick with 5 rounds mags and avoid the legal issues. The 5 round mags seem more manageable, and it's not like it takes long to reload a new mag.
  6. That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid also! I wanted a semi 12gauge because of the reduced recoil and the fun factor. I looked at all the less expensive semi shotguns and it sound to me like the only one that functions 100% of the time that cna handle 2 3/4 & 3" shells is the saiga with the correct ammo of course. Let me ask this in another way. What if I just limited myself to 5round mags, would any of this stuff be an issue at all or would it still be of concern?
  7. Use your head for more than a place for hair to grow, and quit asking us to do your thinking for you. Honestly, what's the point of some a-hole comment like that? I'm not a Saiga geek and I don't pretend to be one. That's why I came here and asked honest quesitons. Why do guys like you feel the need to turn threads like this into an opportunity to bash someone who doesn't know as much about it as you do? The people I respect help the new guys instead of taking cheap shots at them. Please go away and don't comment anymore on this topic. You can start your own topic somewhe
  8. And I'm still trying to understand the legal assertion that you can't put a 10 round mag in an imported gun.... I mean, I'm open minded because I have seen the BATFE put forward some pretty bizarre ideas, but no one seems to be able to cite code, so... I'm still trying to understand it all myself. To many experts saying it's legal and illegal.
  9. nalioth, There's no need for s-hole comments like that. I have read everything in this thread, but it's nto always very clear to understand. The saiga I have linked to shows a picture of a 19" model with the thread protector. He's actually selling the 22" barrel model. If you're just going to make petty little jabs please excuse yourself from the thread.
  10. Ok, so if a S-12 with a 22" barrel, (less desirable, imo), costs you ~$450 via your gunbroker link, how much is the other guy asking for the 19" barreled gun? The guy had the 19" saiga (it has the thread protector on the end) listed at $600 which I felt was pretty high. If I bought this shotgun, it may get used for shooting trap, slugs at deer, hunting small game, and showing off to the guys. I don't compete in any shooting sports, and I already have a stubby 870 pump for the house. If I understand this all correctly, if I buy the $450 shipped 22" saiga I can put the high
  11. I should have stated, the saiga the gun dealer had for sale was a 19" model that was factory stock with no upgrades.
  12. Hello Saiga 12 Experts! Please be easy on me if these have already been asked a million times. Question 1) I was at a gunstore and while handling a Saiga 12 I asked the guy behind the counter if I could legally put the 10 round or higher cap mags in the completely factory shotgun and be legal. He said I could and that I didn't need to worry about all the compliance stuff since the shotgun already has 5 US made parts. Is this TRUE or FALSE?? (I was under the impression I couldn't go buy a regular saiga 12 and slap a 10 round mag in it and be legal.) Question
  13. Quick questions: What mags actually work just like they're supposed to in a Saiga 223? Where can these be bought? What a decent price on them? I keep reading about how the majority seems to hate promags, or there is some conversion. What about the guys that want to buy a rifle, some mags and then be done. What mags should they get?
  14. I find this extremely amusing. FACT: A Saiga IS an "AK47" (a civilian AK-103, more precisely). Need proof? Look here --> http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=13290 I can tell you've not looked around here one little bit. With allowances for 922r and some minor adjustments, any AK47/AKM/AK-103/AK-104 magazine works fine in a Saiga 7.62x39 rifle. Why don't you take some some to look around this forum, particularly the Saiga 7.62x39 subforum. I highly suspect ALL of your questions will be answered (including some you've not thought of yet). I'm not tryin
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