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  1. Went to my dealers ( a pawn shop) to pick up a HK P7psp I ordered last week and what did I see behind the counter? A Saiga 12 for $399. I asked him what he needed to get for it (I'm a regular customer) and he said $200!!! SWEET!!! So now I have a big brother to my Saiga 410 I got last month. I thought i did pretty good on it for $215 with 3 mags. The Saiga 12 came with 2 5 round mags so I guess I need to save up for a few 10 rounders. Life is good!!!
  2. Just found this site and now I gotta get a Saiga (or three). Now for a few questions: #1 I want to get a few 20 round drums so I will register the Saiga as a Destructive Device. Since the DD classification trumps the SBS classification, I would like to get several barrel lengths so I could have a more modular platform. Does the barrel detach from the receiver easily (like a pump gun) or is it more or less permantly attached (like a rifle)? Or put another way, would I have to get 2 guns, say a 19" and another 8 or 12 (to register as DD)"? #2 When I was a class 3 dealer 13 years ago, I
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