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  1. Did the conversion today. Everything went smooth until G2 set installation.

    Here is the problem. When trigger held back after releasing the hammer disconnector holds hammer locked. When releasing the trigger to reset it, hammer is released. I don't think it should be working this way. Ordered 2-stage Arsenal kit. I hope it's a US made one.

    Pissed off to no end!


    The disconnector spring or the disconnector hole might be the problem.

    A few years back Tapco had a batch of G2 disconnectors that had a spring hole too deep and this made the disconnector malfunction.

    A certain ak parts company has distributed short 12 coil disconnector springs which I remember causing this same issue.






  2. Yeah all three are going to be fatal and quickly.


    Not necessarily, I know people who have taken COM shots from .45s and 9mm and are still around. Some of them were hit multiple times even.


    you can limit some of the overpenitration by using many pistol or shotgun rounds designed for HD, verses a higher velocity rifle round!


    What pistol round are you going to use that over penetrates less than a TAP rifle round? What loads specifically are you referring to? Thanks.


    Once a 7.62x39 TAP type bullet passes through an average torso, it will likely be so mangled and deformed that it may not even penetrate one drywall sheet. However, I think some would be concerned about missing the badguy altogether and knowing the bullet will sail through many walls.

    As long as you don't miss, those plastic tip bullets will probably put the badguys lights out fast and not go far beyond.

  3. Im happy to report that all of my clips are full of sapsons(110rds), with 150 more for function accuracy check. The 60or so that have already went down my barrel have been perfect. They are actually the most accurate of the brands I have on hand at 100yds. So Im beyond happy. I bought my local gun store out of them at 6bucks a box.


    Barnaul or Vympel need to seriously consider loading 8m3 bullets in laquer coated cases. The red sealant on the neck and primers is nice to have.

    We need an official petition drawn up with signatures so that the bozos doing the importing lately will get their heads out their asses and import decent ammo like this.

    All the Wolf performance poly coated crap needs to end. It has zero benefit and does not protect against corrosion. Laquer coated cases rule.

  4. Anyone ever try this? looks pretty sweet, and a little dangerous at the same time..



    They file down 1/16" on a FMJ and get more blunt force.


    I have not done this personally but have read that if the base is open and the front is made open by filing the tip off the lead core can slip through leaving the jacket behind.

    A safer method might be to file off a bullet with a jacketed base such as a softpoint would have. The blunt face will not be good for positive feeding from a magazine and would probably require hand loading. The easier way to increase terminal performance and still have perfect feeding is to use Hornady SST loaded ammo.

  5. Iirc: the spring is not "captured" in that it can be removed from the pin; and therefore replaced with a new spring, if you could find/fabricate one.

    I used the term captured because of the cup looking piece on the spring end, similar to how you can purchase a recoil spring for a pistol that is captured but the spring can be replaced

    by unscrewing the end piece.




    captured recoil rod






  6. Ok, I must correct something I stated earlier in this thread. Saigas can use either type of bolt springed or free floating, but only the springed bolts are hollowed out in the rear for the spring and firing pin retainment bulge to fit. So a free floating pin or a springed pin will fit a springed bolt, but a free floating bolt can only fit with a freefloating pin.

  7. There are a number of threads in the past few years about the Saiga 7.62x39 firing pin lacking a spring - actually a designed free floating firing pin. A current advertisement online describes the same Saiga Sporter in 7.62x39 "includes a spring loaded firing pin" - as stated in the ad. Would that require a mod to the bolt and/or the firing pin supplied, as that system would not work with the stock bolt/firing pin? Or am I missing something. Wondering if there will be two different, but similar parts out there - to further confuse the parts issue. Anyone up to date on that issue?


    The 7.62x39 vepr has one and it can also use a regular free floating one. I can swap in a vepr spring loaded one into a saiga bolt. The firing pin itself is notched to retain the spring.

    A saiga bolt could use either type with no mods required. However, bear in mind, the saiga/vepr bolt uses a 74 style firing pin.


    Do you have any pictures to compare, so I can order the exact part to swap out the free floating pin, for a spring loaded one, for my 7.62x39?






    Look at this thread in the link http://forum.saiga-1...-saiga-308-bolt

    That is a saiga captured spring firing pin. The captured firing pins are not available anywhere from what I have seen.

    Also, your bolt will not likely be hollowed out in the rear for the spring.

  8. I just received my 'sporter' Saiga 7.62x39. Imported by TGI w/ 09 serial. Also has no step in the barrel.


    After looking over the rifle quite a bit, I noticed how the firing pin is setup, in relation to the hammer.


    My question is, is the firing pin free floating? Because it looks like it is, and was wondering how, when the hammer drops, that it hits the pin consistently, with no tension on it to stick out from the rear body of the bolt?


    I dont understand how the pin gets hit by the hammer, thus popping the primer on the cartridge.


    I do see how the bolt rotates as it comes up to connect and lock with the barrel.


    You can see how the pin slides a bit back and forth by turning the bolt upside down, and visa versa.


    Can someone shed some understanding on this mechanism for me?




    The firing pin is prevented from moving all the way forward by a live primer. This allows for enough rear length so that the hammer can tag the pin.

  9. I originally figured it would work but someone else actually certified that it does.


    My mistake for not clarifying the saiga bolt carrier(74 type) and the AKM type. The bulgarian 74 and AKM carriers that I bought from Apex has worked in their respective models. The 74 in the saiga and the AKM in the Yugo M70. Never swaped the bolts themselves though, just the carrier.

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  10. ThAt finish on the rifle looked really nice, unfortunately I don't have the know how to take the entire thing apart to actually refinish the rifle, which I would if i did. But basically just paint my bolt carrier with caliper spray, or break solvent and it will hold up? It wont slow down my bolt or cause it jam at all?


    If your not going to clean the carrier or rifle with break parts cleaner, then it will hold up great. Just use a mild cleaner. Clean the carrier off before painting with break parts cleaner to fully degrease.

    Your carrier came from the factory painted. I stripped and painted a few carriers and never had a jam. I would caution to not paint the inner bolt tunnel and leave that as is. The bolt is also another part that does not need painting and should be left alone.

  11. Makes alot of sense, uv been helpful, would you restore your bolt carrier? Or just buy a new Bulgarian bolt carrrier for like $45 opposed to spending about $100 having it recompense the professional way and keeping the original russian bolt carrier?


    You can get an AK74 carrier for $20 from http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/56800-wts-bulgarian-ak74-parts/


    You could also just spray finish for less than $10 http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/70475-alternative-finish-for-your-762x39-rifles/page__p__684879&do=findComment&comment=684879


    I have used the caliper paint lately with great success. It is real easy to do.


    By the way, I completely stripped and refinished this rifle with the same caliper paint.



  12. Damn that's pretty good man, u got alot of pics, that helps alot, ur right the bulgy ak 74 bolt looks very similar to the Saiga, what would i have to do to put in the bulgy ak 74 bolt carrier, u said something about head spacing?


    Headspacing is for bolt replacements. The carriers do not require this. The carriers do not interact with the bolt lock up tolerances.

  13. I've used a bulgarian 7.62x39 bolt carrier in my Saiga as well as my Yugo M70 with no problems.


    A few years a go I tried testing whether a Bulgarian AKM carrier would work in a Saiga and the carier would not go all the way forward.

    The gas pistons AKM versus AK74/AK100 are at least 1/2 inch different in length. The AKM carrier was also a bit too high for my saiga.

    AKM carriers are different than AK74/AK100 This is how far forward it went.







    A saiga bolt stem fits way loose in a AKM carrier.







    The bolt size dimensions are not even compatible. Bulgarian AKM in the center. Russian AK100 types on each side.







    Close up of the Bulgarian AKM carrier arm rubbing the Saiga inner front sight block at the point that it can no longer move forward because it is too tall.




    Conclusion: Go try a surplus AK74 carrier and forget the AKM type carriers.



    By the way, Swapping bolts even on rifles with the same exact type bolts requires headspacing the bolt to prevent the rifle from blowing up.

  14. So who is going to try the Kvar East German pin in their 308?

    Asked Kvar for dimensions on it.


    Length 3.382 inches

    Width 0.146 inches

    Thickness 0.065 inches



    I have some actual Izmash saiga 7.62x39 extractors that are 0.270 inches wide-side facing out

    and 0.525 inches long. The radius cut on the blade fits a .308 case head recess very tightly.

    From looking at a .308 bolt head on another thread, I would be willing to bet that they might work in a .308 bolt.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a .308 bolt to try them out. Anyone with a .308 bolt and a micrometer might be able to check the dimensions on the extractor against the ones above of the 7.62x39 extractor.




  15. If this isnt a torture test then I dont know of one!




    You think its done for but it was only on a smoke break.

    They pour some water on it and go again.





    LOL I thought milspec quality wood handguards are suppose to be able to go over 350 rounds without melting, smoking, or burning.


  16. Does ANYONE have information on how to obtain a replacement firing pin for a .308??? With all the Saigas on the market there must be somewhere to get a pin besides Russia! I have talked to Brain at Dinzag Arms as well as several other places with no success. Fabricating one does not look feasible as the spring is captured. The AK47 spring is completely different as well so that is out. HELP!!!


    An AK74 non-spring captured firing pin should work without the spring. Yes, these are cheap and easy to buy. See KVAR You can use a non spring pin in your rifle. My Vepr also has a captured firing pin spring, but I have tried installing a regular AK74 firing pin with no problems. Just beware of the softer primers and perhaps be extra carefull when using them.



  17. During a one week class at Front Sight, about 18 of us fired AK's and Glock 17's, thousands and thousands of rounds. I never saw a single stoppage from any of the Glocks, but 3 of the AK's went down, including mine. One of the legs on the trigger broke off causing the hammer spring to jam the trigger. I am not sure what went wrong with the other two guns.




    Tapco trigger?

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