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  1. Hello BattleRifleG3... This is my first post on this site so congrats on being my first (ummm, that sounded bad). Anyway, I must yell from the hill tops that you are a god among mortal men. If more people would post pics the way you did life would be much easier. A little background on me. I'm an FFL dealer in south Louisiana sice 1998. I mostly do custom work and transfers. My shop cannot compare to Tromix but I do have some fun. Anyway, I've been wanting to get into a high-cap 30-06 for a few months now and was planning on converting a Browning Mark II by machining a new floorplate to accept either a 10 round Remington 7400 mag or a 20 round BAR 1918A2 mag. Of course a new mag release system and redesign of the feed lips would be required if it would work at all. BUT, a close friend turned me on to the fact that the Saiga 100 in 30-06 was finally here. I hooked up with my Saiga distributor and know of the location of 8 rifels for sale and ready to ship. I have not purchased one yet and I am really on the fence about getting one. I am usually first to jump in the water so I might as well follow you! Now, your pics have answered a lot of questions on mag design and what could and might be possible. You appear to be very correct in saying that adding to the existing mag body would be the easier way to go. They had to do some freaky stuff to make this thing work and the mag really shows that. So... From what I can tell so far the easiest possible road would be to machine out the inside of the Saiga mag to accept one of the Eagle 10 round Remington 7400 mags (with lips removed, ouch) and bond the two parts together with Acraglass or 3M Epoxy. It's possible that modifying the Saiga follower and using the Eagle spring would work. This would likely be a delicate process and would require some material removal from both the OD of the Eagle mag and the ID of the Saiga mag. My milling machine is eager to get cutting!!! If you could send me dimensions of the Saiga mag body and if someone else could send dimensions of an Eagle mag we could figure it out. I have a Remington 7600 chambered in 35 Whelen but it has a steel factory mag not plastic Eagle mag. Acraglass could be used to flood all the open voids around the OD of the mag if there are any and it bonds like an SOB. I can get the Eagle mags wholesale by the truck load so I might by one just to play with it. If I could get my hands on an extra Saiga 30-06 mag life would be great but RAA said they do not have extra mags for sale. You get two with the rifle and that is it. Hopefully they will get another shipment of these rifles at the end of the summer with extra mags as well. So... Without having everything sitting in front of me I don't know about a 20 round mag. I do own a press break so building a mag box is not a problem. But, as you stated, the BAR mag won't fit in the body of the Saiga mag. BAR mags are thin wall steel mags so if they are too big not much can be done. Too big it too big. I can get access to a CNC mill and try to duplicate the Saiga mag from billet but that will be more of a pain than it is worth. Sand casting the Saiga mag body in aluminum might be the better route to go. Sounds crazy but I've done crazier. Anyway... Other than saving up $3500 for a real BAR 1918A2 in Semi-auto, this appears to be one of the very few routs to a high-cap 30-06.... I look forward to comments on this and appreciate the very detailed layout given in your post... Now... No flames people... Only Ideas and solutions... BMB