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  1. Also these... 

    224 to 308 sabots

     Got a bunch of different flavors loaded up with different charge weights. Just waiting for a good day to hit the range with the chrony. 

    Did some quick load testing at home, managed to get 1" groups at about 75 yards. Wanna see if I can tighten that up at 100. 

    If anyone cares i can provide more detailed load and loading info. 



  2. It sounds like it's tuned and running just fine. If it functions on low-gas setting with the choke on or off..  Just shoot it. Im not sure exactly what you're trying to figure out. Sounds like your just over thinking and worrying too much...🤔

  3. I picked up a Savage Model 93. Blued, heavy barrel, wooden stock. It had the bolt rusted closed as it was in a basement and not quite properly stored. I got that apart, and took the bolt out. Cleaned it all up as best i could... The barrel was bad but not destroyed. The bolt cleaned up pretty well... Other than internally... Took a few shots to get it sighted in with a new optic and noticed that almost EVERY case that ejected was splitting. Typically this is from carbon ring build up in the chamber, but... Is possible it's a headspace issue. Considering its 17HMR I was doubtful the headspace was fucked up. So i chucked up an oversized bronze brush in a cordless drill, dipped it in carbon fouling remover and went to town on the chamber. 

    You want to talk about a patch coming out BLACK...  Holy shit! 

    I Also decided to disassemble the bolt. Like completely... Two halves, a dozen or so small parts. Cleaned them all up and polished a little, here and there..  Got it all back together... Functioned properly... Lol

    Took a few shots... ZERO CASE SPLITS.  So I'm hoping the chamber being overly dirty was the cause... Now to just get it to the bench to truly zero and it will be all set!!😊😃😊

  4. ANYONE out there seeing primers for sale?? I see small amounts of powder at local shops, but none that I typically use. I passed up a couple thousand small rifle magnum primers on powder valley an hour ago. But... The price really didn't thrill me. Bullets aren't too much of a problem sourcing... 

    What are the rest of you seeing?? Thoughts? Comments?? 

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