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    Hoppes 9

    I guess this is a 'tech' question. I was cleaning my Saiga the other day and tipped the big bottle of hoppes 9 down the entire front of my pants. The jeans/clothes have been watched 3x and the strong smell persists. How can I get rid of the smell? My wife is pissed because she got these jeans for me and they are supposed to be a name brand or something. (and it accents my buttocks) On the good note, because of this accident I no longer have jock itch.
  2. I finally was able to get to the range! Attached are some groups. Not too bad for a newbie I guess. I was shaking like a leaf (nervous?) This is with a new scope (Nikon Buckmaster) and I made sure I mounted it tight (but not too tight). It still sat on it's bipod. I used some Hornandy TAP ammo. I think one of the BIG things I learned is to make sure to clean that bore. I had previously shot it with less than stellar results and I was just using Breakfree. Even as we speak, it's soaking in some bore cleaner so that it'll be ready for next time. I'm sure the new scope helped also.
  3. I forgot to ask... 1. The muzzle is recessed. Can you just visually see if a muzzle is "dicked up"? I don't see any imperfections on the muzzle end. 2. Headspace. how do you check that?
  4. excellent point. i'll practice/warm up with the 22. whew. I have to admit, I noticed some shakes when I pull the trigger because all i can think about was - Wow, this is a burger and a coke..BANG!
  5. thanks for all the advice! + torque screwdriver: check. + tighten bases: check. i was still able to actually tighten the front base a 1/8 turn without much effort and i hear those need to be REALLY tight + barrel free floating: check. + tested trigger weight: check. friend said it's about 3 pounds and crisp. - I'll look into getting some bags or something to replace the bipod for now. Just to remove it out of the equation. - new scope on order. The 'current' scope was an old cheapy Simmons and i decided to remove that out of the equation. I have a Nikon Buckmaster on orde
  6. another question.. thanks for the reply. Yes, I made sure the base is tight also. another question - what is the general rule on how tight to make something (base, rings, etc.) I just tighten it until it won't move anymore. how do you make sure the "action is torqued to spec"? I'll work on getting a suitable rest and try again.
  7. I'm still wanting to be impressed. Perhaps I also need some practice. I took it out for the 2nd time today. I shot Winchester Silvertips/Ballistics in 168 and Federal Match Gold in 168 and a box of Federal blue box from Walmart in 150. The Winchesters were the worst at allmost 2 inches at 100 yards. The Federal Match Gold shot 1.2 inches at 100 yards but had 2 groups of .4 inches at 50 yards. The blue box Federals were able to manage with 1.3ish groups. I just had a bipod and nothing really on the other end of the stock. I guess I need practice? What else can I check? I've
  8. Here is the rifle along with it's bolt action buddy a ruger m77 in 7.62x39.
  9. a box of federal gold and hornandy both in 168 grains ordered. sheesh, this rifle eats better than I do.
  10. I can run a dollar bill under the barrel so it isn't touching the stock. I've also made sure the rings are on tight. The stock is on tight as well (the 2 screws holding it together). Anything else? One thing I noticed was all i shot was 150 grain bullets. For those who have shot 150 grainers out of 20 inch barrels (1:10 twist i think), what kind of groups did you get?
  11. i should add that it's not new...just new to me. But the barrel looks good with deep groves/rifling. I would typically shoot 10 rounds and wipe the bore down and let it rest for a few minutes and then try again.
  12. Anyone with experience with a pre-accutrigger Savage 10FP with 20 inch bull barrel.. I took it to the range for the first time today. at 100 yards. using different Russian ammo (borrowed from the Saiga) - I would get about 2 inch groups at 100 yards. Using some Remington coreLock 150 grain hunting ammo, i would get between 1-2 MOA. I haven't tried it with anything else yet (match, etc.) Shooting off a bipod and scoped. Just wondering if this was typical. I read that these are sub MOA with the right ammo right out of the box.
  13. so... a remington core loct round and a brown bear round is essentially the same... just differences in quality/consistency/clean-dirty powders, etc.? I mean, the bullet shape/sizes are essentially the same and I should still get 'decent' groups shooting russian ammo ammo from a commercial rifle? With decent, I mean - i dunno - 3-4 inch groups at 100?
  14. I'm looking for a good 308 bolt action rifle. (currently, I'm leaning towards a Savage 11 or a Remington 700) Ultimately, I'd like to take it hunting and some longer range paper punching - I'll plan to use the "good stuff" as far as ammo especially for the hunting part. I would however like the option to use cheap ammo (Brown bear or Monarch - it will share with the Saiga) when I just want to break stuff at 100 yards. Does anyone have a Remington 700 or Savage 10 or 11 that shoots cheap Russian ammo (well, cheap in comparison)? Are there any "commercial" bolt actions that eat up t
  15. Thanks so much for starting the topic vbrtrmn. We should all do like missionary work as you have been. I go to gun shows and it just saddens me that the majority of folks are OLDER white men... (I mean this in the most UN-insulting manner.) If this sport...cancel that...if our RIGHTS are to survive, we need to recruit and diversify less our rights go die down with it's main members. Thank you for the example vbrtrmn. We should all do likewise.
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