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  1. Thanks Wolf for the response, I am looking forward to getting my hands on one of these rifles pretty soon. I also did not see any information on the hunter trigger in the literature available for dowload on these rifles. Robert, TX
  2. Are the Vepr Hunters different in any way than the Supers, other than the thumbhole stock? I personally like the look of the hunter, and the safety being at the trigger. Can anyone see a drawback to the Hunter over the Super? I am very interested in the 7.62x54 but don't even see it as a super version, and I am worried we may never actually see the 10 or 15 round mags. Any one with any hands on experience care to comment on the accuracy / funtion of these new supers/hunters? Also, there is a company, TSD Combat Systems says they are about to bring a vepr rifle to market, anyone familiar
  3. So the mounts are aligned for the rifle at the factory, no having to adjust the mount? Are there any differences between the hunter and super other than the thumb-hole stock. My biggest worry is that there will never be a 10 or 15 round magazine for the 7.62x54R, and that would leave me not wanting the rifle. I love the super .308, but I want to be able to shoot inexpensive x54R, lot's of range time
  4. I bought the MOLOT ultra low profile side mount for the AK platform and it was advertised as windage/elevation adjustable, but I think it may be a bigger job to adjust than I first envisioned. Does it have to have the pin's knocked out and be re-drilled/pinned after adjustments are made. I just dont fully understand how to adjust it, and help would be appreciated. I will try and get some pics loaded of the mount on the rifle, untill then here is a link. My link http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/mounts/ak-vepr-saiga-romak-1-2-slr/molot-vepr-ak-saiga-extra-low-profile-side-mount-weaver-rai
  5. Also, I guess I could just have my smith mill out the weaver rail to make it a picatinny. Anyone know if this will work? The reason I want picatinny is that I am useing a burris PEPR for a 30mm scope. The burris mount is picatinny only. Robert.
  6. I cant see what I am typeing, so I will try to ask the question anyway. I see all the BP02 mounts, both low and high..... My question is are there any with a picatinny top rail or are there any replacement rails for the mounts. Thanks, hope you can see this post as I cant as I am typing it. Robert
  7. Ok, let me rephrase... it seems folks feel this has been answered before, or I have not asked the right question. If I buy a Saiga .308 Version 21 with the thumbhole stock, and trigger allready in the proper location, and I try to remove the buttstock and add an after market buttstock and pistol grip, will it still be legal? I assume they shipped these things with the proper parts count to have the trigger in the usual forward position, but maybe the buttstock counts somehow... I really dont know. Thanks for anyone who can help me
  8. To edit the above... I am speaking of the S308 Version 21 with the thumbhole stock. Robert.
  9. Does the s 308 V21 require work for after market pistol grip and stock to be installed. It appears that the trigger is allready moved forward, just not sure if there is a hole drilled for the pistol grip. I searched the 308 portion and did not find any specific info on this, any help will be appreciated.
  10. These are some of the guns I have collected in the last 2 years. The mosin Nagant rifles have refinished stocks (my work), one of them has been reblued, the other dura coated (my work on both). The black and stainles is a Tikka T3 light in 300 wsm. The AK is a Yugo underfolder. The K-31 is untouched in original condition (she makes me verry happy!). there is a shoty gun maverick 12 gauge with pistol and 4 position stock. The other set is a Smith and wesson M&P 15 tactical with a few add on's I hope some of you enjoy looking at them ! http://img13.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=dscn
  11. I am waiting on my image shack registration info
  12. He always does a good job on standard american stuff... I dont he knows his arse from a hole in the ground when it comes to these
  13. Yeah, I was gonna say something to that effect, but I was gonna be nice, and so didn't say anything. I'd hold off on the welding if you're gonna have 'em riveted. The rivets can use the same holes. If you have time to come to eastern side of Houston, I can help you fix that. Well, I would like to move it up so that I can use the correct plate and still have use of the underfolder.... but if I can find a bit higher mount I could then use the irons as well and use those holes, just wouldnt have use of the folder... which is not that big a deal. I could find the time to g
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