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  1. Sure, it's pretty cool until they use it on you! Don't think for a moment that this type of weapon wouldn't be used on Americans exercising their right of free speech against unjust action by the government, like the repeal/suspension of the 2nd Amendment! And the argument that at least this type of weapon is better than lethal force because in either case the rights of Americans are still be repressed.





    I think you should get back on your meds!



    It has already been seen in NYC mounted on a back of a truck for crowd control. The NYPD where assigned to it. Nobody used it but it was there to use against AMERICANS if need be.

  2. I can't begin to tell you how much of a dog person I am. I personally own two now, one a German German Shepherd, and the other a dobi rotti mix. I will definitely pray for you guys and your dog. I lost mine once and broke down and cried on the floor as the phone was ringing. When I answered it the manager at a food store near by said a huge German Shepherd is sitting in front of the door greeting customers that are walking by. He was afraid to try and grab the dog and force her in but while he was petting her he saw my phone number and called. Needless to say I drove down there like a mad man and there she was sitting there as I was told. I truly and really hope your story ends like mine.


    Only idea I can think of that I did not see or read. Put up flyer's at all drive threws, shopping centers, gas stations and your local quickie stores like 7 11. Thats you best chance of the most people seeing the flier.


    Also check in with all local vets and places that take in stray dogs and let them know whats going on.



    Don't shoot any guns as Jugg's mentioned.


    Just came to me.... Maybe check behind local restaurants are other places that throw out food.

  3. Sounds like everything has already been covered. Somethings I would add...


    One thing most people that don't have perfect eyes never give much thought about are good prescription goggles. I wear contacts but realize in a SHTF situation eventually I will run out of the supplies to be able to keep using them. Plus you should wear safety glasses when shooting are zombie blood is flying. So I figure I have a regular pair of glasses, but l know these are not combat ready. So for everyone and especially people that need some kind of prescription eye wear go get some.


    You can get custom tailored eye wear from here...




    My choice



    A good tactical vest. If you want to laugh and say mall ninja go right ahead. But something about being comfortable walking running jumping ect with 180 rounds being easily assessable at any time plus the many attachment points and pockets, makes me feel all warm fuzzy and safe inside. You'll never know when you may have to take on a group of people or zombies that plan to do harm to you are loved ones.


    Yes you could get the man purse, but I don't feel like running and getting smacked in the nuts with it or having it bounce all around me with a bunch of loose mags inside, not knowing which is what or if ones already empty or not. I don't enjoy looking down and moving stuff around to find what I need either. I hear WT makes them if you do like them.


    My choice


  4. BattleRifleG3, That was some gooood info. Thanks


    Don't get me started on the Steelers. My dad made me a fan since I could throw a football. Being in NY and wearing my Steelers jersey when they where playing the giants while being around a bunch of drunk Nyers in a bar........ Brings back fond memories. :super:



    History was one of my favorite subjects in school. No wounder why I'm drawn to PA.

  5. Ya know, we might actually have a chance for this. I just heard this morning that Nader is thinking of running. He takes the liberal votes away. And Shillery has been shown as losing to McCain. If she get the nomination, and Paul runs, there really could be a chance. But you supporters really need to get out there and spread the word. And I mean contacting the MSM. His name needs to be on TV and NPR.


    I remember a certain someone saying theres no chance Ron Paul can win. ahum ahum :haha:


    I'm just kidding with you, thats great news! We can all keep up the good fight and hope!

  6. I hear ya on that! Nothing like plinking from the hot tub...lol.


    For anyone that just read that and made a mess. I find using a vacuum to suck up the tuna in between the keys works great! :haha:



    Hey you should PM pistonring8 (just don't tell him you are a NYer... :haha:...j/k)

    He doesn't post much here any more, got run off by too much negativity.... but he lives way out in the sticks in upper PA I think, and it's VERY gun friendly where he is with good people.


    It's OK with the j/k. I find 80% of NYers or asswipes. :haha: Not the upstate NYers though. My sister lives up there and says she cant believe the difference when she comes down to visit. I would say where the east coast version of Hollywood uopies.

  7. Recreational gunfire is pretty common when it's nice outside.



    That sounds like a dream come true, I need to move out of the city :cryss: .



    Don't get me wrong I like guns, but I'm not going to base my whole decision on how gun friendly a place is. Not saying you where implying that 22 Shooter. I just wanted to be clear on my stance about what I'm looking for.


    I'm just saying it would be nice to walk out to your back yard and shoot all day :super:



    Who's talking about having to walk into there back yard to shoot. I want to eat breakfast on a my porch while doing some target shooting. :super::devil:



    Scoutjoe, thanks for offering the help. Last summer when I was heading to Indiana I took a d-tour threw State college. I really didn't take the time to look around that much. I looked on my map and noticed you are in the center of PA. Blair County wouldn't be a bad spot either for me. Since its central, near Indiana, and not on top of PSU which I'm guessing is kinda party central. Tomorrow when I get a chance I have to see whats available in that area. As for as your offer, sure if you have any info, feel free to send me the links.

  8. GearheadFTW I agree with you completely. For more stuff to ruffle your feathers check out proposed bill HR 1955 which I believe goes hand in hand with what you state here.



    Theres a prime example... bill HR 1955.


    While Southern California had the fires and every major news network, including cable were providing non-stop coverage, a very dangerous bill to liberty and freedom was passed by 404 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The people are all watching one thing, while things are being passed under are own noses without a mention.



    Right off a web site:


    "First let's take a look at the definitions of violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism as defined in Section 899A of the bill. The definition of violent radicalization uses vague language to define this term of promoting any belief system that the government considers to be an extremist agenda. Since the bill doesn't specifically define what an extremist belief system is, it is entirely up to the interpretation of the government. Considering how much the government has done to destroy the Constitution they could even define Ron Paul supporters as promoting an extremist belief system. Literally, the government according to this definition can define whatever they want as an extremist belief system. Essentially they have defined violent radicalization as thought crime."


    Wow, I guess I can be found guilty already. Ron Paul supporter right here!


    The timing of the passage of H.R. 1955 was no accident; see roll call of votes here. The fact that 404 members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted for it tells me this collective body of dangerous individuals that have taken this country, with the blessing of every past president since Roosevelt, to the brink of financial ruin are now very afraid of what's going to happen when the peasants (that's us) find themselves left with nothing. Additionally, the push for a new, unbiased investigation into 911 is turning into an unmanageable situation for the shadow government.


    Tens of millions of Americans do NOT want Bush to unconstitutionally invade and bomb Iran, a non threatening country and should the peasants, commonly referred to as the "working man", refuse to support this insanity, a new draconian law will be in place to crush we the people. Many now realize it's too late to stop exactly what Lou Dobbs so courageously railed about on his show, October 26, 2007:

  9. Recreational gunfire is pretty common when it's nice outside.



    That sounds like a dream come true, I need to move out of the city :cryss: .



    Don't get me wrong I like guns, but I'm not going to base my whole decision on how gun friendly a place is. Not saying you where implying that 22 Shooter. I just wanted to be clear on my stance about what I'm looking for.


    Where I live now I'm tired of hearing about and seeing, gangs, drugs and people my age and younger finding nothing but trouble. The majority of people around me are in some kind of crazy rat race, with the way they live there life. Everyone is always in competition to out do the next guy with possessions too, I would guess we have a lot of people in huge dept where I live from having to have the nicer car, lawn, house and such.


    For anyone not familiar with where I live its Long Island NY Nassau. Which if you look on a map is in the center of LI. All the garbage to the west of us, is moving deeper into LI. There are some areas that are still nice on LI though, I jsu can't think of any. :haha:


    To sum it up I basically like country people. Thats how my Dad (who grew up in Indiana PA) was raised and thats what he passed on to me.

  10. I live in Greencastle. Farm country. I can shoot in my back yard anytime I want. There's a stream running through the yard. NOBODY bothers you. THe neighbors look out for each other. Nice area. Recreational gunfire is pretty common when it's nice outside. Zip Code 17225 PM me if you want more info on the area.



    Wow, Greencastle looks like a nice area. I was thinking more central PA but its not that far off. I was looking up housing there with Realtor.com


    Is most of that area new developments? Are a mix? I saw lots of new houses built.


    I notice some areas have housing more closer together while others are more spread out. I think for my needs I would like more privacy. Since I would hate to find out if I lived closer to people that my neighbor doesn't like the idea of a gun range in the back yard no matter how safe I make it.


    I go to Indiana PA during the summer to see family, and know what your saying about Recreational gunfire being excepted. I'm definitely going to look into Greencastle.

  11. I'm more a less wondering peoples mind set here. I notice more non-saiga post are randomly popping up making people question whats going on. I think most people would agree things don't look so great right now in the world. I'm curious if more people are starting to prepare for SHTF or questioning what they see going on around them. I do plan on having the same poll in a year and seeing how things have changed.


    As for as watering down the place. I can totally agree with that. Soon everyone will want there own little subject area. I must say I like the idea of the "Blowin' Shit Up For Fun" area.


    Considering you already have members posting such things and the way things are going in the world, I would say your going to be seeing more of these kinds of post anyways. That was the reason for suggesting the area. Personally if I had the money I would ask the owners here if I could pay the hundred dollars a month and have my very own business area..... with banner! I would sale nothing but ideas. Everyone that doesn't want to hear it can stay out of that area.



    BTW-> Please don't tell me "I'm sorry your always (worried, scared, paranoid) all day". Because I actually live my life like every other "normal" person. Only difference is I keep my eyes, ears and mind WIDE open to whats going on around me.

  12. I plan on going for a road trip this spring, to find areas in PA to move. Anyone know any areas in PA they feel would be good to live? I know the fact that I live in NY makes any area of PA great. :haha:


    Uhh... stay away from Pittsburgh, Philly. I like it in the middle :) Send me a PM with some questions we can hash this out



    :lolol: You have already been a big help. I notice the link on your signature. It makes a good place to start looking on all of PA.org type web sites. I'll think of some ?'s to PM you with soon.

  13. I'll throw in my two cents to get the ball rolling.


    I own a AimPoint and a Eotech sights. I taped (yes, with electric tape) them on my gun one at a time and felt they where both to big and to high and felt I needed a pillow for a cheek rest. I also think they just don't look right on there (tape didn't help with that decision). If money was no issue I would go with a Docter sight and Tromixes base. I saw a Docter sight at my local gun shop and they had a Saiga 12 in stock so out came the tape again (this time the clear cheap type) and I was practicing mounting the gun and getting on target, found it to be very easy. Not to mention the sight sits very low. I would like to mention as of right now I have the Krebs sight and couldn't be happier, saved a lot of money and I also feel it looks great with the gun.


    The only way I would use a Aimpoint are Eotech sight would be based on some type of barrel mount which I believe Topmaul has mentioned before. Thats if it will hold up to the abuse. At least that way the dot will be a lot lower and more in line to my shooting preferences.


    BTW-> What sight do you use Topmaul?

  14. I am going to investigate this. During civil emergency? If that means humanitarian help like during Katrina it is cool by me but anything else is too much.



    Oh yea.... humanitarian help like during Katrina, sure thats fine. As long as there not taking away peoples guns and freedoms.... again. But the part in your head thats ringing the alarm to check into this, thats the part that has me wondering what the hell is really going on here.


    Seems to me are government likes to do tricks like Houdini use to. As everyone is watching the right hand, the real trick is going on with there left hand. I'm waiting to hear the "good" reason why there doing this. Probably to protect us from ourselves.... yea right!


    BTW-> For some people here that might not like hearing this so called "crazy talk". How about making a section for talking about SHTF, Conspiracy stuff, what some might say is really going on area, zombies, end of the world stuff, nuclear destruction, civil up rest, total government take over, How-to survive such things and prepare for them and all that other fun stuff. We can call it the Tin Foil Hat Area if it sounds to crazy to some. It would probably clean up the general,political and a little of the funny section too. I figure with current events going the way they are, we should all know what to do and how to prepare. Plus its always fun to discuss and argue about the best way to kill a hoard of zombies.


    I made a poll, curious about what you guys think, if it could be done.

  15. yeh, I caught that too.....that is not OK with me. I will include 15 pellet buck in my next care package, as well as magsafes in 357.........

    How do you send a care package?


    Here are some ways....













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