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  1. I had a buyer crap out on me and I have this stuff left over. It's on gunbroker with no reserve and a low starting price. Maybe someone here can get in on it for cheap. 2 boxes 1410 rounds last of the good stuff!! good luck! http://www.gunbroker...?Item=287191251
  2. reloading box is sold. sorry cant edit original post anymore. heres whats left priced at $0.18 a round. 3006 rounds left at $545. take it all for $500 plus shipping box 1: Polish Light ball in sealed crate 880 rounds - $150 box 2: Polish light ball (880) in box with some 160ea russian and 100ea hungarian light ball. 1140 rounds - $195 box 3: Heavy ball in box. 445ea Hungarian yellow tip and 125ea Yugo M903 (steel case copper wash) - $100 Box 6: Lightweight practice rounds. 320ea German M39 123gr FMJ, 96ea czech RN plastic core. 416 total - $100
  3. Yugo heavy ball box #4 is SPF as is box#5 that leaves box #'s 1,2,3,6 and the reloading lot surprised no-one has jumped on that practice ball. That german stuff is 123grains and shoots really nicely and has a pretty decent range. it's a blast to shoot and not abusive recoil at all. It's actually very rare stuff.
  4. both cases of Czech are sold pending funds arrival If anyone is keeping track of ammo prices, the Czech light ball sold for $.60 a round plus shipping to an outside buyer as a single lot.
  5. Modified original post for clarity to remove sold items. still a ton of ammo left for you PSL guys. the Czech is TOTALLY worth it.
  6. Sorry but this is not correct info on the Polish. the polish ammo I have is NOT the silver tip stuff. it is from the 80's (84 for at least some of it) ALL the 7n1 just sold for $.72 a round to two buyers. Looks like we just established the new going rate. Bummer, you guys shoulda jumped on it!! I expect the rest of it to sell very soon... am working a few deals on it already. as always tho, I'll honor the prices I have listed here for you guys!!
  7. Garand is SPF I lowered the price on some of the ammo to move it. jump on it quick tho!!
  8. The polish appears to be 1984 from what i can tell. it does not have a silver tip on it so it's more recent. price does not include shipping. you can find the remaining payment details in the original post if you have any other questions
  9. Guys, if you think my prices on stuff are way off then make me an offer. I have some wiggle room here. just dont be retarded.
  10. Well, I have decided to ditch a couple of calibers. as a result i am selling off all of my guns, ammo and accessories and reloading supplies in these calibers. Apparently I had a nice little pile of some pretty good stuff, and you guys get to benefit. so here's what I got for you: Reloading supplies. I have a set of Redding dies with very little use on them (maybe 200 rounds). I also have 267each 175gr Sierra match King bullets, 100 Barnes TSX 150gr bullets, about +-200 prototype high BC sniper bullets, 264 winchester primed brass cases, 156 primed steel cases, 35 pieces of fired boxer primed brass, 24 stripper clips and a bag of misc pulled surplus brass and bullets i'll throw in for good measure. the prototypes will work best in a bolt gun. Take it all as a lot for $200 shipped. Ammo! holy crap I have a pile of it, but I'm gonna separate it into the boxes it's in right now. I have posted pics below of all the ammo listed next to it's individual packing. any questions on which is what ask, but I'try to clarify above the pic itself. box 1: polish Light ball in sealed crate 880 rounds - $150 box 2: Polish light ball (880) in box with some 160ea russian and 100ea hungarian light ball. 1140 rounds - $195 box 3: Heavy ball in box. 445ea Hungarian yellow tip and 125ea Yugo M903 (steel case copper wash) - $100 box 4: Heavy ball in box. Yugo M30 brass case 960 rounds - $165 box 5: Mixed commercial. 356ea Brown Bear 174gr FMJ, 40eqa Silver bear 203gr SP, 29ea Sellier and Bellot 174gr HP Match, 12ea Selleir and bellot 180gr SP, 16ea Wolf 148gr FMJ, 6ea Wolf 200gr Match, 35ea Wolf 200gr SP, 60ea czech LPS ball, 33ea 7N1. Total 587 rounds - $250 $225 SPF Box 6: Lightweight practice rounds. 320ea German M39 123gr FMJ, 96ea czech RN plastic core. 416 total - $100 box 7: Czech Silver tip 1962 BXN light ball (most accurate/consistent surplus ammo). 780 rounds full case in original crate. Crate has been opened. - $500 $450 SPF box 8: Czech Silver tip 1963 BXN light ball (most accurate/consistent surplus ammo). 630 rounds full case in original crate. Crate has been opened. I personally evaluated and shot from this crate, it was more consistent than ANY other x54r surplus ammo I tested including 7N1 which was a close second. this is VERY accurate ammo - $400 $375 SPF TERMS I can take visa MC or Amex or a postal money order. Cards will have a 4% fee added because thats what they charge me . Buyer pays shipping, any insurance and packing you may want. If you pay with a card I will ship the next business day. If you want, it should be fine to stick a label on the ammo tins or crates directly and avoid additional packaging. Since you are paying for shipping you tell me how to ship it. I will use fedex for the ammo or rifles. x54 crates weigh about 54# each and they will ship from 59718. If you want to figure shipping go here: https://www.fedex.co...n&locId=express If you want a ballpark just figure $30 a case. Thank you so much for looking!! jack From left to right: German Practice 123gr, Hungarian Heavy ball, Polish Light ball, Yugo M30 brass, Yugo M908 HB Czech super ammo. the legendary Silver tip light ball.
  11. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to answer your questions. I will call you. I'm not doing this as a business at all and dont make any money from this. I'm not the instructor and am only helping to coordinate bringing these guys to my state so area shooters will have an opportunity to train with top notch guys. It's really more of a public service announcement where I might be able to answer some basic questions about the local area for attendees.
  12. I will post class specific details here and provide updates thru the season
  13. Gentlemen and Ladies, You are among the intelligent few that understand the benefit of firearms training and we need your help. PLEASE forward this to your gun buddies or club contacts, and post a copy of this at your local range or hangout. Doing this small thing will help ensure we can continue to bring quality trainers to Montana. Tell a friend, twist an arm get YOUR deposit in ASAP ($100 will do it!). Do what you must to get to these classes!! I have hosted a PDF copy of the announcement for easy download and forwarding here: http://www.mediafire.com/?v75006pwl01rw30 More class specific details to follow, prior to each class, but don't wait check them out NOW online! Release follows.... Cold War Summer Montana summer training events This year we have a mixture of training from the 2 most powerful civilizations on the planet. We are hosting 5 events with both Russian Spetznaz and USMC trained snipers/riflemen. We will focus on the rifle, it's employment at range, safe movement as a team/group, and some small unit tactics. You are getting this material from the ORIGINAL source. Each has been trained by thier respective governments to train others in these skills and has plied thier trade in combat. It's a rare opportunity to have this level of specialty knowledge combined and delivered to us here in Montana. Why With financial collapse looming, natural disasters increasing, and threats from freedom's enemies reaching a crescendo, it's time to discover for yourself what is myth and what is real. Who What When Where How -Friday July 29-31 - Spetznaz Sniper with Marco Vorobiev ($500 with 30 advance, $550 thereafter) -Friday August 26-28 - Spetznaz team advance and intercept course with Marco Vorobiev ($500 with 30 advance, $550 thereafter) -Saturday Sept 10-11 - Rifle Tactics and Employment with Den Ross ($350 tuition) -Saturday October 8-10 Special Purpose Rifle. Magpul Dynamics with Caylen Wojcik ($700, no range fees. Deposit OK. Class attendees to recieve some promotional swag from Magpul) -Tuesday October 11-13 - Precision Rifle 1 -Magpul Dynamics with Caylen Wojcik ($750, no range fees. Deposit OK. Class attendees to recieve some promotional swag from Magpul) All events will be held at a private facility near Three Forks Montana, which is just West of Bozeman Montana. CRITICAL NOTE: It is vital to get signed up early. Magpul in particular wants to see steady class enrollment to make these happen. We ONLY need 6 students minimum. Slots are limited! We can hold your slot with a deposit. Marco's Spetznaz classes have discounts for active Mil and Peace Officers. Marco Vorobiev is a Russian Afganistan war veteran and has written several magazine articles about his experiences. Call Marco at 734-277-2446 or visit http://www.behindlines.net/ Den Ross is a 10+ year USMC veteran of the Gulf War among other deployments, and has received training in, and instructed many of the Marines fighting courses. More information and sign up, by calling 406-539-9667 Magpul Dynamics is the new benchmark in the training industry, offering world class training to Mil/LE and civilians classes. Get your slot reserved by calling 303.828.3460 xt 141 and speak to Brit Lyle. More info here http://www.magpuldynamics.com/training/precision.shtml For other information, to be added to the mailing list, or just general class and local area info call the host at 406-539-9667. More class specific info on each class to come!! PRINT THIS OUT AND HANG IT UP!! PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO YOUR BUDDIES AND POST IT ONLINE! PDF copy of this release linked here: http://www.mediafire.com/?v75006pwl01rw30
  14. I'm calling BS on this one. Last I heard ol Lionheart was a french dude with some money to throw around and was looking to become an FBI agent. Also, checkin to make sure a firearm is linked to someone is highly unlikely unless you put in a trace request which requires and agent to trace the firearm from the original importer or manufacturer thru it's dealer and to pull a 4473 from the dealer directly (dealers dont report SN and names on sale of a gun). a registry of firearm serial numbers and owners is prohibited under federal law. this dude is full of crap even if this story has SOME truth to it. He's a poser and a wannabe and needs to get a life.
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