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  1. Any word yet on when those double stack Saiga-12, 20 rd stick mags may be available from MD arms? Yesterday I watched a Youtube video of them from years ago and they are impressive.I'm kind of behind the curve of finding out about them and just yesterday read about MD's patent on them and how they work. it's impressive how they made the follower ride in a track to avoid side to side movement as well as the shell rims directed into a track too so that no rim ever gets behind another rim to cause jams. (Double stack .22LR mags? Hint hint?) I didn't even know double stack 12 gauge Saiga mags were
  2. I'm no authority on that personally, but according to this it is under the current sanctions. That's where I got the info from. Scroll down and read the export and legal status section at this link...... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vepr-12 Also go to this page link at the Dept of the Treasury and type Molot into the advanced search box. http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/OFAC-Enforcement/Pages/20140716.aspx Which will then take you to this page. http://search.treasury.gov/search?affiliate=treasury&commit=Search&query=Molot
  3. WTS: Vepr-12 semi auto shotgun. Unfired, mag is still sealed in plastic bag and comes with manual. Folding stock is factory spot welded in the open position for import, but that can be changed. Due to Molot-Oruzhie being a subsidiary of Kalashnikov Concern, Vepr-12s, as well as all other Molot products, were banned from further import by executive order 13662 issued by President Barack Obama on July 16, 2014. So get one while you can. First "I'll take it" gets it. I have this for sale at other locations so if you want it let me know right away or it may sell elsewhere. If you live in Florida,
  4. I know the engineer (Mike Johnson) who created them and was making them. I don't know why the nanocrank link no longer works. He may have stopped making them. I know each one was laboriously hand made by him. Could be it just wasn't cost effective for him. I'll have to ask him next time I speak with him. .
  5. It's been a while since I last posted about my crank fire creations, so here's an update on my latest 3rd prototype that is convertible between being water cooled or air cooled in under a minute and showing it firing at the range. I used to use Webshots to upload my photos and videos to. But when they closed down, all the pictures and videos I had linked to there in my online posts, disappeared. I still have my pics and videos on my computer and saved to disks, but they disappeared in all my online posts since they were all linked to Webshots. Now I use Photobucket as well as YouTube. Here'
  6. Good point. Since I don't know if the tripod is a reproduction or an original, that's why I priced the package as if the tripod were a reproduction. $2500.00 for the gun $ 400.00 for the tripod $2000.00 for the 4,152 8MM rds ($0.48 cents per rd). ________ $4900.00 Total for entire package. Or I will sell the gun and tripod for $2900.00 and sell the ammo separately if someone just wants the gun and tripod. But I would not sell the ammo separately unless the gun and tripod were already sold, because I'd like the buyer of the gun to have first dibs on the ammo for the gun. .
  7. WTS: Semi-automatic, Israeli 1919A4 originally in 7.62x51 that has been converted to the cheaper to shoot 8mm by installation of an 8mm barrel and an 8mm cartridge stop/feed pieces, plus a cone 30-06 muzzle booster (which works fine for 8mm). If desired, it can easily be changed back to 7.62x51 by installing a 7.62x51 barrel and a 7.62x51 cartridge stop/feed pieces and 7.62 muzzle booster. Not a bad idea to have both caliber barrels and the cartridge stops and different boosters so you can shoot both calibers depending on which one is available and cheapest, but this ad only includes the 8mm b
  8. Guess I'll be the first to comment (although I find it a bit odd that no one here has remarked with a peep). FIRST: I think it genuinely looks really terrific! Unquestionably you've been putting a hellva lot of time and effort into this. SECOND: (Just my silly opinion please mind you.) With a hand-crank trigger mechanism. . . the double handles seem wrong. YES, it looks terrific and is in the style of the military's WWII .50cal MG, but without the trigger being in the vicinity of the double handles (and we all know the .50 MG has a thumb trigger unless I'm mistaken), I would have
  9. I did a little redesign on the mount for the tripod. I think it looks better now than just the earlier bent piece of steel it was. Stronger too. What do you think? .
  10. I made my final decisions on which sights I am going to use for both the air cooled, and water cooled versions of my convertible dress up stock. Last night I made the rear ladder sight bracket. I realized that I could mill off the triangle on the right side, and just keep the triangle on the left side (like on a real Browning 1919) and still be able to secure the sight bracket without it having any kind of looseness or "rock" at all. All that is left to do with this sight bracket is to drill and tap the sight riser plate for the ladder sight's spring, and then to drill the sight protector
  11. Sights selection and mockup evaluation. Although nothing is anodized yet, the following pics give a good representation of how the convertible to air or water cooled, 3rd prototype, dress up stock will look when completed. On my first air cooled prototype dress up stock I started on about 4 years ago, I designed it from the start to just have a rear spider sight and tall front sight to resemble a Browning anti-aircraft gun. It had not occurred to me to build a water cooled one yet, not to mention an easily convertible to either air or water cooled one.
  12. I finished making the tripod mount bracket today. I mounted the gun onto the tripod for the first time today and it fits and operates perfectly. I am thinking about welding four small triangular braces on the outside of each bend on the mount bracket though, because I do notice just a slight bit of springiness flexibility in the mount. The welded triangular bend supports will fix that. Next I have to fabricate and install the sights, anodize it, and it is finished. My air/water cooled convertible 3rd prototype in air cooled configuration with mount bracket mounte
  13. Thanks, glad you like it. This is my 3rd prototype and I have been working on designing, developing improving and testing these for the past 4 years. I don't know how much I have in this and the other first two prototypes materials wise or time wise. It is one of those things that takes so long you have no idea how much you have in it money or time wise. Know what I mean? I'll leave it to you to make the call if it was expensive to design.
  14. Update: Here's the latest photos of my 3rd prototype machine gun dress up kit stock for the Ruger 10/22. No modifications of any kind are done to the Ruger 10/22 receiver. It is still factory stock. 3rd prototype, (2nd water cooled prototype) that also quick changes to an air cooled model in just a few seconds. All that's left to do is to fabricate the sights like I did on the last 2nd prototype and fabricate the tripod mount attachment piece for fitting to a standard camera tripod, drill, tap and install the drain plug and hose, get all the aluminum anodized and attach a crank fi
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