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Found 4 results

  1. Selling some stuff for a good friend of mine who really needs the money right now. All the items are in my possession and are ready to be shipped.[/size] Items for sale: Batch of x5 (five) rare grade A East German .223 cal AK Mags – These look super nice and have never been used since he got them. Important Note: I cannot and will not ship these magazines to California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York Pics: Price: $300 $280 $260 (shipped) (for 5 mags) Batch of x4 (four) rare grade B East Ger
  2. WTB Soviet 5.45 Bakelite mags, do not care if they are tulas or izzy. Looking in used/decent condition. Please PM me for what you got, and sent any photos to dash_endova@yahoo.com. Be aware that I have cross posted this add else where, and unless I update this as withdrawn, I'm still willing to hear an offer for some of the mags. No plum, EG, or bulgarian please. I already have enough of them.
  3. WTS Vz-58 and AK-74(Circle 10, East German Bakelites) mags. *** this ad is cross posted on other boards *** Vz-58: $20/each http://i1204.photobu...T0109Medium.jpg AK-74 Circle 10 mag marking: $24/each http://i1204.photobu...T0111Medium.jpg AK-74 East German Bakelites with "Made in E. Germany" stickers still intact: $44/each http://i1204.photobu...T0107Medium.jpg USPS MO/PP(+4%), S&H: depending on qty of mags. S&H: $5 for 1 mag, $8 for 2 mag, $10 for 3 mag, and flat rate of $15 quantity > 3 mag. Email: dydacupuncture at gmail dot com Picture(s):
  4. I have four orangy woodish look'n things for your pistol so you can grip'em. Just pay shipping and one can be yours for the price of $1,000,000.00 papa needs new sharks with frik'n laser beams attached to their heads. oh, and this saiga handguard here at the bottom too! No retainer though.I know, shits weak. I will be shipping them in small, flat rate priority box= $5.20 I accept paypal(you pay any fees) or USPS money order Contributors had their chance. anyone who wants one hit me up. one per member please. Thanks AZG ETA: AHHH yes, must post "ILL TAKE IT" al
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