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  1. Really need some extra cash right now and selling some “in case I ever need it” parts out of my gun parts closet. Check out all my excellent feedback and buy with confidence! Items for sale: OPTICS [sOLD] PK-AS Red/Black Dot Collimator Sight (offset AK side mount version) [Great Cond.] - Used, but in great condition, with only a few blemishes on the body. Comes with original protective cover & adjustment wrench. Price: [sOLD] $275 $250 (shipped) Pics: [sOLD] IJK Optics EOTech Clone - FDE [Very Good Cond.] - Has some finish scuffs, but very
  2. Hmm. It's not letting me edit the post any more. Anyway, the BP-02 is SPF and the AR-15 FF HG is SOLD. ANOTHER UPDATE: The x4 EG mag package is SOLD.
  3. [both mags SOLD] For sale: Two OEM IzhMash 8 round magazines for non-magwell models of the Saiga-12. New condition, never used and looking great. These are the only mil spec, "high capacity" Saiga-12 mags. Very heavy duty and reliable. If you own a Saiga-12, you owe it to yourself to have at least one of these, especially if you ever use your S12 for home defense duty. No longer importable due to the sanctions. Important Note: I cannot and will not ship these magazines to California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or
  4. Prices lowered for everything! EDIT: It's not letting me edit the original post any more, so I'm putting this here: both AR-15 hand guards are SOLD.
  5. [sOLD] Mint Condition Splav M23 "Pioneer" Russian Assault Chest Rig - I've had it for a while, fitted it, but never actually worn it, so it's mint, with not a single defect or stain. It's just a little a bit wrinkled and dusty from sitting in my closet. Pics: Price: $90 (shipped) [sOLD] Lightly Used Flagaway Detachable AR-15 A2 Carry Handle Sight - Very lightly used. Not mil spec, but decent enough... better than the airsoft crap. Perfect for a beater M4 clone/practice with AR irons. Pics: Price: $20 $15 (shipped) Mint Condition FireTacSports AR-15 Free Float
  6. Selling some stuff for a good friend of mine who really needs the money right now. All the items are in my possession and are ready to be shipped.[/size] Items for sale: Batch of x5 (five) rare grade A East German .223 cal AK Mags – These look super nice and have never been used since he got them. Important Note: I cannot and will not ship these magazines to California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New York Pics: Price: $300 $280 $260 (shipped) (for 5 mags) Batch of x4 (four) rare grade B East Ger
  7. Manticore Alpha Rail is a semi-licensed version of the Zenit one. Both are excellent products. What makes them so good, is that they are very strong (Zenit designed them to be able to survive hundreds of GP-30 grenade launches) and, at the same time, don't weigh any more than the standard polymer HG. Zenit is just really good at lightening their shit. When you can go with a metal part that doesn't weigh any more than the polymer part, go with metal. It's better for cooling too. I'd go with the Alpha Rail, because it's more flexible as far as config and is US made (for 922r compliance). Plus, A
  8. Quality domestic mounts: RS Regulate http://www.rsregulate.com/optics.php Midwest Industries https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=43 Arsenal https://www.k-var.com/shop/SM-13.html Quality Russian mounts: Zenit http://shop.akoperatorsunionlocal4774.com/Zenit-B13-Side-Rail-Mount-for-AK-rifles-Zenit-B13-Side-Rail-Mount.htm Molot http://kalinkaoptics.com/mounts/ak-vepr-saiga-romak-1-2-slr/molot-vepr-ak-saiga-extra-low-profile-side-mount-weaver-rail-w-30-mm-rings-1596.html Kobra http://kalinkaoptics.com/mounts/ak-vepr-saiga-romak-
  9. Quick payment, courteous communication... everything a seller can ask for. Recommended!
  10. Good, courteous communication, quick payment and overall pleasant transaction. Recommended buyer. EDIT: Argh... I forgot to put the "+1" in the topic, if that matters. Any way, Dad2142Dad is definitely a "+1".
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