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Found 12 results

  1. I can create any kind of caliber specific self-adhesive ammo label for your ammo cans or boxes that you want. I can do any caliber and and bullet design that you can imagine in gray-scale (no color). Rifle and shotgun labels will be printed on 2.5 inch wide labels and pistol calibers will be printed on 1.75 inch wide labels. These labels are not water proof but I will be offering those options soon. I can do any additional lines beyond caliber that you want including date, quantity, load data, etc. You can choose any of the fonts below with Narkisim being the default. If you
  2. Hey guys just wondering what kind of accuracy everyone is working with out there. With my saiga/ak 7.62x39 I can usually shoot about a 2.5 to 3 inch group at 100 yards. On a good day I can do this standing but I use a sling to stabalize. What about you? P.S. Ive got some cool pictures I would like to post but I'm not sure how now days..maybe its my browser but I used to be able to hit the "browse" button, add the file, then click the "Attatch Files" button...the attatch files button is not clickable..anyone know?
  3. Hey guys check out my Ak in action. ...and no thats not full auto i can pull the trigger pretty fast though.
  4. Hey guys so I am wondering how rare it would be for a 7.62x39 Saiga Ak to fire without being fully locked into battery. That small tail on the end of the bolt carrier I understant is just for that so that the hammer hits that until the bolt is locked into battery. Can that tale wear down to the point where this could happen and if it did happen would it act as if the rifles headspacing was off and blow the gun up and possibly your face?
  5. http://inagist.com/all/297906837804691456/
  6. So I am wondering if ammo will ever go back to normal and be stocked up again. I doubt any ban will happen so i hope everyone realizes this and calms down with the panic buying. it has caused every shop in town to put a limit on boxes you can buy. its really not worth the trip to town unless im gettin at least 200 rounds.
  7. Hey guys good evening. So I just picked up some Golden Bear ammo. That stuff is trippy..never heard of brass coated steel. Any ways just wondering if any body had any experience with this stuff. Seems pretty good to me. What do you all think?
  8. Hey guys so I heard that on our Saiga 7.62x39 Ak's, the barrel is bored out of a 5.45x39 (ak-74) barrel to a .30 cal (7.62x39). So does that mean that our barrels are thinner than other ak-47 barrels? Ive been looking at it and it looks pretty thin for the caliber of bullet its shooting.
  9. So today I was shooting at my range and I got a squib for the first time. I am shooting Tulammo 7.62x39. I have shot thousands upon thousands of rounds with nothing more than a delayed round. I was lucky enough to have it happen on my last round. Has anybody ever experienced anything like this will Tulammo?
  10. So my bullet guide mission was a success and I recomend to anybody that has a Saiga to do the bullet guide its way worth it. Even for people that live in commy states such as California cause ak 10 rounders are way cheaper than the saiga ones. This was the easiest mod I have done so far and I have done everything else such as the full conversion, thread barrel for muzzle break attatchment, polish trigger group..etc.
  11. Hello everyone. So I ordered a bullet guide for my 7.62x39 and one tapco 30 round mag. I am also going to file the magazine catch on the rifle instead of modifying all my ak-47 mags..My question is if the tab on the tapco mag is the same thickness as the tab on a steel ak mag? So if i go and file the mag catch lever on the rifle to fit the tapco then go and get steel mags i want the steel mags to fit too..like i hope the tapco mags tab isnt thicker to the point where i file the mag catch lever on the rifle to fit the tapco but the steel tabs are thinner? you know what i mean kinda? please
  12. I was at the range today and decided i had not wanted to fire off my last round, so i took my mag out of the rifle and tried pulling the bolt carrier back and it felt like it was wedged shut, i shot the round off and it functioned great. I put the mag back in and charged the rifle again and same thing.... So i shot it off and put a bullet directly in the chamber and let the bolt slam closed and still the gun couldnt be racked by hand (well it could but not without exessive force) None of my other rifles do this so i was wondering if my gun was/is messed up or if something is a little bit off..
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